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Reverb denotes the persistence of the sound in a specific space after the original sound gets reflected off the walls. The software on this list will allow you to add the reverberation sound effect to the audio.

Reverb Sound Effect download selection by Marisa Therezza. May 11, 2015

WavePad Sound Editor
NCH Software
A feature-rich tool to create, convert and edit sound files.
...allows editing, applying effects and restoring old ...In general, WavePad Sound Editor is quite a...
Most popular in Reverb Sound Effect Most recent in Reverb Sound Effect
Very versatile audio editing application
Import from several sources
Supports multiple audio file types
Navigate Speech feature does not work properly


NCH Software
Digital audio mixing tool with a wide array of extra utilities and features. effects provided – distortion, echo, flanger, chorus, reverb ...resulting file sounds just like...
Extensive list of features and tools
Automatic beat detection
Graphical MIDI editor
Not too intuitive for the novice user


Synapse Audio Software
Music studio for creating patterns, mixing, and recording with linear songs.
...effects. Among the included effects are: delays, reverbs ...resolution, and a sound card with MME...
Mixes can be recorded in real time for being further edited in the automation editor and piano roll
Each control can be adjusted individually
The trial version has many limitations, e.g. it cannot save songs or export wav files
Sound Forge Audio Studio
MAGIX Software GmbH
Simple but powerful audio editor suitable for both amateurs and professionals.
...will find the usual sound effects, such as reverb, delay and chorus but...
Simple, clean and intuitive interface
Fast processing
DJ Music Mixer
DJ Music Mixer is an easy-to-use DJ program for novices and pros.
...various audio effects, such as Distorsion, Flanger, Waves Reverb, etc ...give my tunes a new sound.
Most downloaded in Reverb Sound Effect
User-friendly interface
Supports a wide variety of audio formats
Gives you access to various cross fade methods, audio effects, an equalizer, and an audio recorder
Lacks an integrated help guide
WaveMax Sound Editor
NITBits Inc.
This is a full-featured audio editing and mastering tool for popular formats. effect in the ...reverb, chorus, flanger, amplification, and normalization options. WaveMax Sound...
Most relevant in Reverb Sound Effect
Waveform graph representation of the audio file
Supports most popular formats
Batch conversion
Limited supported formats for batch conversion
Acoustica Beatcraft
This is a Drum Machine software to create your own beats., and audio effects. Advanced feature ...a drum sound and add effects that include reverb, delay...
Graphic, easy to use interface
DJ Audio Editor
Program4Pc Inc.
Enhance your audio files on an easy-to-use waveform-based audio editor.
...professional sound editors out ...of audio effects available ...include echo, reverb, vibrato, flanger...
Presents the audio files as waveform graphs
Rips CD tracks and tags them
Offers an extensive list of audio filters and effects
Pricey license fee
Miroslav Philharmonik
IK Multimedia
Miroslav Philharmonik is an expressive orchestral workstation.
Miroslav Philharmonik is a sweeping vision from a master artist embodied in a new virtual instrument...
Latest comments:
Veli Martin
I got this on sale from a music store just for some 30 euros. For that price this is really awesome. I h...
Audio Editor Deluxe
A full-featured editing tool with a wide range of other audio-related utilities. coming onto your sound card, extract audio filters and effects provided include various...
Combines accurate audio editing with many other audio-related utilities
Supports all the most popular media file formats
Records any audio coming onto your computer through the sound card
Music Mixer
CCLA Software
Music Mixer is a powerful and versatile recording and mixing software.
...variety of effects (echo, tremolo, reverb, phase ...a proper enriched sound. The visual interface...
Easy interface makes it so easy for normal users
All common music file is accepted as input
Recording can be done from many input sources
No enough choice for output format of file
Acoustica Basic Edition
Acon AS
It's a basic solution for audio recording, editing and mastering.
...for recording the sound from various source ...apply an echo effect and a convolution reverb to a...
Includes handy sound recording functions
Easy-to-use and lightweight
Supports a lot of audio file formats
Lacks a lot of advanced features, functions, and options
Easy Songwriter
Qualitone Multimedia Cc
Easy Songwriter is a step-by-step songwriting program for music lovers.
...displayed. * Apply reverb special effects to achieve that professional sound that record companies...
Latest comments:
I have not used this app yet, but it looks perfect for my kind of person.


Eternal Eye Software
Resonance is a simple program that help you relax and concentrate.
...with wonderful ambient sounds like rain falling ...For every sound, you can adjust reverb, pitch...
Beautiful images
Pleasant sounds
Allows you to create and import your own sounds
Not very attractive user interface
MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 14 Download version
Cleaning tool for all kinds of acoustic material like records, tapes, CD and mp3.
...effects like the Compressor, Brilliance Enhancer, Reverb or Echo give your sound unity...
It features a very intuitive interface
You can buy it for a very affordable price considering the application power
Expandable trial period
It offers a kind of short trial period for the complexity of the application
Samplitude Music Studio
Samplitude Music Studio is your own music recording studio on your PC!
...echo/reverb, Mastering Suite, Vintage Effects Suite ...arrange your own sounds, edit them, create...
High quality of the output audio files
A lot of virtual instruments and effects
Only to buy
Native Instruments Mikro Prism
Native Instruments
MIKRO PRISM is a instrument, based on the successful synthesizer REAKTOR PRISM.
...range of brilliant sounds. With 70 preset ...reverb effects and some seasonal bell and chime sounds...
Native Instruments Guitar Rig
Native Instruments GmbH
An emulator of guitar amps and effects to get the sound you want.
...sound processor that emulates the sound of different guitar amps and effect ...the sound that you...
Many preset options
You can create your own combinations and record your songs
The installation file is big and took a while to download
It is just a “magic” program of music listening, editing and burning.
...sound effects: the high-end Compressor, Stereo FX, Brilliance Enhancer, Reverb and Echo effects...
All functions in a program
Easy and convenient interface
Mufin technology
I didn't find any

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