Resize Image by Percent Downloads

This collection includes applications that let you resize image files of various formats (BMP, PNG, TGA, etc.). All these image resizers let you resize the photos using a specific percentage, not only to a specific size that you specify using a defined number of pixels or inches.

Resize Image by Percent download selection is a descendant of our Resize Image by Percentage by Bill White customized for you:

Batch Picture Resizer
Full-featured image resizing tool with conversion and editing capabilities.
Batch Picture Resizer goes beyond its obvious image resizing capabilities to offer you efficient batch image conversion...
Most relevant in Resize Image by Percent
Attractive and well-structured interface
Supports all the most widely used image file formats
Includes image conversion and editing capabilities
No support for RAW file formats
Batch Image Resizer
Professional resizing tool with extra editing and enhancing functionality.
...allows for intelligent image resizing and cropping. Thi ...Batch Image Resizer has recently become a “batch image editor”...
Support for some of the most popular image file formats
Clear 3-step resizing and editing process
Allows for both automatic and customized editing
Resizing, cropping, and editing features are all mixed up in the same dialog
Able Photo Resizer
Able Photo Resizer is a very powerful image resizer and converter.
...powerful and easy-to-use image resizer and converter that can to resize your images by pixels, by percent, or by...
Easy to use
Built-in image converter
Image Resizer Pro 2006
EasePhoto inc
Image Resizer Pro 2006 is a powerful ...allowing you to rapidly resize, conver...
...for the resized images. Image Resizer Pro 2006 is capable of resizing a wide range of image formats, and...
Image Resizer for Windows
Brice Lambson
Image Resizer for Windows offers an easy and quick manner to resize pictures.
...for those who need to resize or batch resize images on a regular basis since it...
Very useful and convenient
Easy to install and use
Not found
PC Image Editor
Program4Pc Inc.
Neat and straightforward image editor with simple yet efficient functionality.
...features, such as its resizing or rotation functions. The ...images by using a similar set of sliders. Finally, resizing...
Most downloaded in Resize Image by Percent
Supports all the most common image file formats
Straightforward and easy-to-apply functionality
One-click filters and effects
No batch processing capabilities
Light Image Resizer
An application for batch resizing pictures on your computer. thing, Light Image Resizer is actually feature-rich ...can preview the resized images before changing their resolution...
Most popular in Resize Image by Percent
Supports drag-and-drop actions
Works with many image formats
Fast processing speed
You can find cheaper solutions
Digital Image Tool
Bruce McArthur
Digital Image Tool will allow you to make changes to batches of photos.
...this, you will be able to resize an image by scaling to a definite percentage...
It is easy to use
It supports batch processing
It does not allow complex procedures
iRedSoft Image Resizer
iRedSoft Technology Inc
iRedSoft Image Resizer allows you to batch adjust images properties in a snap.
...that allows you to resize images very easily and also ...changes. In short, iRedSoft Image Resizer is a complete solution...
You can also adjust image properties and add effects
Easy to use
Simple user interface
Image Resizer
the jackol
Image Resizer 0.1 is a simple yet useful picture resizing application.
...the generate button. The selected images will be resized immediately. Image Resizer 0.1 has the ability to...
Resizes multiple images at one time
Easy to use and free

Some Resize Image by Percent downloads, not featured in Resize Image by Percentage



Lucian Sabo
You can compare the original image with the optimized one in real time.
...for short) is a free image optimizer that will let you ...interface to compare the original image with the optimized one...
Most recent in Resize Image by Percent
Easy to use interface
Great compression without lossless quality
Pixillion Image Converter
NCH Software
Convert images to JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and other formats.
...images to JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and other formats. You can rotate, resize ...can customize the image file format...
Supports a really high number of input and output image file formats
Converts/edits raw camera photos
Converts document files
You can adjust basic parameters only for your selected output format
JPEG Resampler
David Macek
A powerful image editing tool that brings you dozens of configurations.
...different methods of resizing (to megapixels, percents of original ...threads for processing images (extremely improves...
Brings you two types of interfaces, for beginner and advanced users
Comes with many visual effects
Allows you to preview the resulted image while applying effects
Couldn't find any disadvantages
Digitope Picture Converter
Digitope Corporation
Picture Converter is a comprehensive photo resize and converter application.
...percent, add background color, apply transparent mask colors, resize ...color, change the image format, increase or...
Supports batch processing
Helps to change image format, offers two modes of action
Any Image
Any Image is a tool for doing high quality image file conversions.
...Converts large batches of image files just a ...Automatically create HTML image tables for image galleries or thumbnail...
Lots of options
Includes resizer
Allows you to adjust the image properties
The user interface looks a bit old
MSTech Image Resize
MSTech (Modern Software Technology)
Resize, compress, rotate, rename, and convert your images.
...rename, and convert your images. You can batch-resize images, resize images by percentage, by default icon...

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