XLSX Fixing Tool Downloads

XLSX is the file format used by the latest versions of the well-known MS Excel spreadsheet tool as the default file format for its workbooks.

Within this collection you will find several applications that will help you repair damaged or corrupted XLSX files.

XLSX Fixing Tool download selection is a descendant of our Repair XLSX File by Etan Bourke customized for you:

Repair My Excel
GetData Software Company
Repair My Excel attempts to fix broken Excel spreadsheets.
...97, 2000, XP, and 2003. Unfortunately, it supports only XLS files created with these older Excel editions and not the newer XLSX files too. It is supposed to recover the Excel files completely, including formulas, formatting and links. Unfortunately, I have my dou...
Most relevant in XLSX Fixing Tool
The interface is simple and neat
It's lightweight and resource-friendly
The preview function occasionally fails to work
File Repair

File Repair

File Repair
A neat file fixer, easy to install, very easy to use yet very efficient.
...he file and click open. Then all you need do to is click Start Repair. It is a 2 step process: reading the damaged file and fixing it. A significant drawback is that you cannot load multiple files at once or drag and drop files. As a definite plus - it's fast...
Most popular in XLSX Fixing Tool Most downloaded in XLSX Fixing Tool
Simple ( No ads, no beg screens, no feature or time limits)
You cannot load multiple files at once
Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair
Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.
It's a tool for repairing Excel spreadsheets and recovering its various objects.
...f various reasons, like virus infections, system crashes, etc. Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair attempts to fix both XLS and XLSX Excel files, and, if possible, it will recover every kind of data from these spreadsheet files, may it be charts, functions, formulas, ...
Most recent in XLSX Fixing Tool
Supports both XLS and XLSX files
Allows previewing the recoverable data
The free trial version only displays the recoverable data, it doesn't allow to restore it
Excel Fix Toolbox
Fix Toolbox
It is a utility designed to recover corrupted Excel files.
...recover corrupted Excel files. Repaired data are exported to the Microsoft Excel application directly or saved into a clean XLSX file. The usage of heuristic data recovery algorithms and the contents of Microsoft Excel documents can be recovered in all instances o...
Easy Excel Recovery
Easy Excel® Recovery repairs damaged Excel documents.
...n that is still available, extracts information from damaged spreadsheets, and repairs the original structure of the XLS or XLSX file. Files recovered with Easy Excel Recovery are fully usable by their respective versions of Microsoft® Excel. Features: -uni...

Some XLSX Fixing Tool downloads, not featured in Repair XLSX File

Excel Recovery Toolbox
It is an Excel repair program for recovering corrupted Microsoft Excel files.
...lot about Excel Recovery Toolbox the fact that it can handle multiple formats of Excel files, including the typical XLS and XLSX, but also XLST, XLSM, XLT, XLAM, or XLTX. Furthermore, it will process spreadsheets created with any Excel version: Excel 97, 2000, XP,...
Easy-to-use interface
Supports many Excel file formats and versions
Shows the recoverable data prior to the actual recovery
It cannot fix broken Excel VBA macros or conditional formatting
XLSX To Fixed Width Text File Batch Converter Software
Save multiple Excel XLS/XLSX files to a fixed width text files.
This software offers a solution to users who want to save multiple Excel XLS/XLSX files to a fixed width text file format. Each sheet will be saved to an independent text file. The text files will be saved in such a w...

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