Zip Repair
A useful utility that will repair corrupted Zip files.
...enough). Even fixes both Zip files and self-extracting files. Additionally it ...Cannot open file; It does not appear to be a valid archive or...
Most relevant in Fix Archive File
Retrieves individual files from a Zip
Support for removable media
Trial version has a too limited size to try it on big files
Object Fix Zip
With Object Fix Zip you can repair your Zipped or compressed archive files.
...fix and process the corrupted and unusable Zip archive files whether it is partially damaged zip archive file or...
Can extract files from partially downloaded Zip archives
Wizard driven user friendly interface
Does not support all compressed files format
Zip Repair Pro
GetData Pty Ltd
Zip Repair Pro helps you repair ZIP files with ease. successfully repaired my broken archive and extracted the documents I ...fix spanned archives (a ZIP file that is split into multiple files)...
Intuitive interface
Supports batch ZIP repair
Can extract files from ZIP files
Unable to proceed with other tasks while repairing
Zip Repair Tool
ZRT Labs
Zip Repair Tool is a good and reliable tool to repair damaged Zip files.
...a newly repaired Zip file or just extract the files stored in a damaged archive. Since this application contains...
User interface is simple and easy to interact with
Compatible with Most Windows OS and works fast
Helps in repairing Spanned and multi-part Zip files
Only works with Windows OS and for Linux, Mac users it's useless
eRepair RAR
eRepair, Inc.
eRepair RAR can extract and repair files from damaged RAR archives.
...extract and repair files from damaged RAR archives. A utility extracting data from RAR file scans the ...of data from the damaged RAR file.
RAR Repair Tool
ZRT Labs
RAR Repair Tool is an application that can help you deal with corrupted files.
...recover files stored in corrupted RAR files. This application works with both RAR files and SFX archives (self...
Most popular in Fix Archive File
It allows you to extract data of corrupted or damaged RAR files
Limited functionality on the shareware version

Some Fix Archive File downloads, not featured in Repair Archive Files

DataNumen Zip Repair
A powerful tool to repair corrupted Zip files and self-extracting(SFX) files.
...and fix incorrect CRC values in the archive. 3. Support to repair Zip files and Zip item files larger...
Most recent in Fix Archive File


TUGZip is a strong utility for archiving with Windows Explorer integration.
...compressed, and disc-images files. It also includes very powerful ...make automatic backups. Fix corrupted SQX and ZIP archives. Creation of...
Most downloaded in Fix Archive File
Many extensions supported
DataNumen RAR Repair
DataNumen RAR Repair is a powerful tool to repair corrupt RAR or SFX archives.
...corrupt or damaged archives and recover your files in them a our file analysis center can help to analyze your archives efficiently. 6...
Small in size and easy to configure
Repair corrupted RAR and SFX files
Compatible across different versions of WINRAR and RAR
Costlier than similar software
RAR Recovery Toolbox
Repairs unreadable compressed files with RAR extension, fixes CRC errors.
...differs from other tools for file compression, WinZip for example or ...recovery algorithms to restore affected archives, the procedure of RAR...
It is easy to use
It applies various recovery algorithms
The demo version does not allow previewing or saving any of the archived contents which impairs the evaluation process
MunSoft Data Recovery Suite
A tool allowing you to recover deleted or corrupted files. to recover files and fix a large variety of corrupted files. Each of ...Archive Recovery allows you to fix corrupted ZIP and RAR archives...
The 6 programs have the same interface to easily get used to them

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