Relaxation Program Downloads

This is a set of programs that you can use when you need to have some rest, reduce your stress, focus, or meditate. Some of these applications are brain stimulators, which can generate different sound waves, while other ones are sceensavers that can show you pictures with wonderful scenes or provide you with a collection of outstanding relaxation audio tracks. What's more, you will be able to find also some apps that will remind you about taking some breaks during your work and suggest you to do some exercises.

Relaxation Program download selection by Victoria Nelson. May 18, 2015

Tropical Fish 3D Screensaver
Tropical Fish 3D Screensaver is a unique underwater world on your screen.
...feel at ease and relaxed as you watch fantastic ...moment of peace and relaxation like you have never...
Most popular in Relaxation Program
Nice graphics
BrainWave Generator
Noromaa Solutions
Brain Wave Generator is actually a brain simulator to enhance your brain power.
...refresher 2 (end focused), Relaxation 1 (general), Relaxation 2 (while staying focused), Schumann...
Easy to use brain simulator
Comes with 28 preset sounds
Could be used to heal many diseases
Not a Freeware
SoftSkies is a plug-in supported on a large number of media players.
...order to work properly, this program requires Windows XP or higher...
Most recent in Relaxation Program
Easy to use
Many effect combinations


Mirolit Software
Halotea creates a sound atmosphere for different moments and purposes.
...ambience that helps you relax, focus, meditate, or ...atmosphere to meditate or relax after a day of...
Attractive interface, with well thought-out details
Easy to use
A wide number of themes
Atmosphere Lite Plus
Vectormedia Software.
Atmosphere Lite Plus is a white-noise player and composer. you sleep or just relax. There are ten built-in...
Many sounds built-in
Built-in composer
Flight over sea
Rixane Screensavers
Flight Over Sea 2.5 is a screensaver with scenes of flights over the sea.
...screensaver to play a relaxing music. Once installed the program, you will be...
It´s free
It´s relaxing
Atmosphere Deluxe
Vectormedia Software
Atmosphere Deluxe 6.1 is a white noise playback and recording utility.
...They are often used for relaxation and meditation. The sounds range...
Lots of sounds
Inbuilt recording capabilities
Nice and clean interface
Eyes Relax

Eyes Relax

The Mech
Eyes relax is an application that could turn out to be your best friend at work.
...and what not. Eyes relax does just that. It ...which is not fun. Eye relax has a parent mode, which...
Most downloaded in Relaxation Program
Great for computer workers
Parent mode is great
It's free


Eternal Eye Software
Resonance is a simple program that help you relax and concentrate.
...a way that favors concentration and relaxation. The program also comes with a few...
Beautiful images
Pleasant sounds
Allows you to create and import your own sounds
Not very attractive user interface
Relaxation Tetris
It is a classic Tetris game and it helps you to lower your stress level.
Relaxation Tetris is a classic Tetris game...
Sleepy Sound
AAR Software Ltd.
Have a more relaxed and beneficial sleep by auto-adjusting your PC audio volume. have a more relaxed and beneficial sleep by ...related to the general program working. To sum up...
Most relevant in Relaxation Program
Easy to use
Allows you to configure the duration of the wake-up interval
Allows you to configure the number of volume steps for every supported audio device
Too basic visual design. It could be widely improved
Eyes relaxing and focusing
An interesting software that is designed to take care of your eyesight.
Eyes relaxing and focusing software is specially...
Allows your eyes to relax for a few minutes to drain out stress
Eye relaxing exercises can be run at user specified intervals
Visual training comprises the automation start and the manual start
Not much of an useful software that an user would want to buy
MindExplorer SW
MindExplorer SW is an auditory-visual stimulation and relaxation software.
...Thanks to the program's unique "Session ...for self-improvement, relaxation, meditation, accelerated...
Waves of Relaxation
Waves of Relaxation
Waves of Relaxation offers you the opportunity to enter the world of meditation.
Waves of Relaxation offers you through ...the world of meditation, relaxation, stress relief, altered...
Binaural Sound System
This is THE software for RELAXATION, MEDITATION,etc.
...for RELAXATION, MEDITATION ...programs: - REFRESH: 2min 12Hz, 50min 10.3Hz, 2min 12Hz - DEEP RELAXATION...
Beyond VR LLC
RelaxTrace is an excellent adjunct for the GSR2 or GSR/Temp2X. assist you in learning relaxation techniques that work for you...
SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition
Symbioline is a easy to use self-care computer software.
The PC software program comprises two separate modules : -The relaxation module Four exercises...
NatureTreks Healing With Color
Relax and learn about the healing power of colors with this game. is to relax and enjoy yourself like colors and relaxing multimedia experiences, then this...
Great graphics
Samaddi™ Sound Relaxation Studio
Sound Relaxation Studio is a new and interesting utility which helps you relax.
...helps you relax. Features: - Relax yourself ...increased concentration - Relax before visualizing or...

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