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Sometimes your hard drive gets crowded with all kinds of unnecessary, invalid or redundant files like cookies, temporary files, broken shortcuts, application leftovers and many others. These unneeded files occupy disk space and slow down computer's performance. Fix that automatically by using one of the programs from this set. They offer features like searching and deleting unnecesary files, fixing errors, removing duplicate files, registry optimizer, applications management, all of which can help you to improve the operating system performance.

Find Duplicate Files download selection is a descendant of our Redundant Files Cleaner by Pete Clapp customized for you:



Toni Helenius, ToniArts
EasyCleaner 2.0 - A complete tool for keeping your system clean.
... checks the Windows registry, the Undo files left by uncompleted installations, finds duplicated files on your computer, search for unnecesary files that can be erased (temporary f...
Most relevant in Find Duplicate Files
Very simple and useful user interface
To clean Internet temporary files takes a long time and keeps the system busy until it finishes
SPAMfighter ApS.
FULL-DISKfighter is an app that acts as a hard drive optimizer.
...ost apps of the same class perform a more or less advanced computer analysis to find those idle files with bad impact on your system performance. At the same time, many of them hav...
Multilingual and user-friendly interface
Finds and removes idle files, large files, and duplicates
Optimizes the computer system
The same activities can be perform with alternative cost-free tools
Ainvo Disk Cleaner
Ainvo Group
Simple free utility to get rid of those unnecessary files that clog your disks.
... all. The entire search and deletion process is fast and accurate, and you will find your disks free of temporary and junk files in no time. Getting rid of all the temporary fil...
Wizard-like interface with soft attractive colors
Fast and effective cleaning process
Revo Uninstaller
VS Revo Group
Uninstall unneeded applications and remove leftovers.
...or was only partially completed. It can scan your hard disk and the registry to find and delete related data, including files, folders, and registry keys. There is also a featu...
Most popular in Find Duplicate Files
Use a forced uninstall
Trace a program’s installation
A unique feature, called Hunter Mode, which lets you uninstall an application, kill its related process and open its folder
Does not support batch uninstall


Recover valuable disk space by locating and deleting unnecessary files. can see the currently selected scan types, while in the second one you will find the rest of the available types. You can add or remove the types of scan that will be applied t...
Easy to use
Allows you to define your own scan paths, including network locations


CleanMe is a small application that removes Windows' junk files.
Windows operating system leaves a lot of temporary files like logs, installation kits, downloads, and so on. These keep piling up on your computer in v...
Easy to use
Sometimes it displays error messages while scanning
Easy PC Cleaner
Aedge Performance BCN SL
Easy PC Cleaner is a great utility that helps you protect your privacy.
...reat utility that helps you protect your digital privacy and remove unnecessary files. It will help you clean your PC from unnecessary files like Windows log files, Recycle Bin fi...
You have all the information you need in one place
Redundance Inspector
Muhammad ahsan
"Redundance Inspector" is a utility to detect and manage redundant file. storage capacity of hard drive. It provides the facility of moving redundant files to "Recycle Bin" or permanent deletion.
PC Power Speed
PC Power Speed is a system maintenance and cleaning tool for Windows.
...tasks. The application carries out a scan of your PC in order to detect junk files, invalid registry entries, temporary files, system errors, and all kinds of issues that make y...
One-click optimization
Very easy to use
The free version is too limited


Josh Cell Softwares Corporation
UnCleaner can detect the unneeded files and remove them from your system.
Ignoring the unneeded files that inevitably accumulate on your computer is always a bad idea. Eventually, the speed and th...
Very simple and neat interface
Fast scanning and cleaning speed
Comprehensive post-cleaning report
Should allow at least the advanced users to choose what files or file types it may clean


Softproject GP - Grzegorz Pietrzak
...140 types of unnecessary files, generated by the system...
...use, fast and safe. It s simplicity in using, just like it s functionality will find appreciation among beginning users of computers, as well as those more advanced. Additionally, ...
Latest comments:
This app had bad behavior, do not use it. It performs this checks for available...
WinUtilities Disk Cleaner
YL Computing, Inc
Clear out the clutter with WinUtilities Disk Cleaner!
WinUtilities Disk Cleaner is a robust program especially designed to clear unwanted and unnecessary files from your computer recovering valuable hard disk space and boosting your PC?s performance. Whi...
Little Disk Cleaner
Little Apps
It is a simpe application that will help you in removing unnecessary files.
Little Disk Cleaner is a simple application that will help you in removing unnecessary files, freeing up thus some space on your hard drive. This little application is awesome. It has an...
Easy to use
Advanced options

Some Find Duplicate Files downloads, not featured in Redundant Files Cleaner

Glary Utilities
Glary Utilities is a set of tools that help you keep a clean and fast system.
...included tools, grouped into categories. Some of the most helpful tools you can find here are the registry repairer, the disk cleaner, the spyware remover, the history eraser, the ...
Sober and functional interface
Includes more than 40 maintenance tools
Allows you to perform 1-click maintenance
Some of the included tools require that you upgrade to Glary Utilities Pro to work
Fast Duplicate File Finder
Find and delete duplicated files from various types of data storage containers.
This program enables you to find and delete duplicated files from your local drives and various types of data storage containers...
Supports drag-and-drop actions
Fast scanning speed
Provides you with accurate results
Many of its features aren't available in the trial version of the tool


Freeware system optimization, privacy, and cleaning tool.
...our computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It ...
Most downloaded in Find Duplicate Files Most recent in Find Duplicate Files
Gets rid of both system junk files and, more importantly, application junk files
The GUI of the program is very well designed
The Startup tool is a very handy one
In the Tools section of the program, there are a few instruments, which don’t offer any huge advantage compared to the same tools found in the Control Panel
Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder
Find and delete similar photos from your collection.
Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder (VSDIF) can find similar and duplicate images in a selected folder or network location. Unlik...
Very easy to use
Very clear view of files


Locate and delete duplicated files from your Windows PC.
...results and works fast. So, it's definitely worth a shot. dupeGuru is a tool to find duplicate files on your computer. It can scan either filenames or contents. The filename scan f...
Fast scanning speed
Comes with an efficient search tool
Provides you with various sorting options and scan filters
Lacks an option to preview the found files directly from its interface
Utilities to clean registry, temporary files on your disks. allows you to control startup programs that load automatically with windows, find duplicate files, fix broken shortcuts and uninstall unneeded software
Keep your system well maintained
Speed up your system performance
Monitor system activities, provide password protection

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