Newspaper Reader Downloads

Nowadays it's vital to be up-to-date with the latest news all over the world. The applications on the list will help you keep up and get equipped with all the information. These programs enable you to read your favourite newspapers and magazines just from your desktop or even offline.

Newspaper Reader download selection is a descendant of our Read Newspapers by Marisa Therezza customized for you:



| llc
Nook for PC is a digital reader that allows you to read digitized books.
...allows you to read digitized books, newspapers or magazines that you would usually...
Quick access to digitized books
Adjustable reading format
User-friendly interface
Barnes & Noble Desktop Reader
Barnes & Noble, Inc.
Free e-book and newspaper reader from Barnes & Noble.
...publishing company, has launched its own e-reader software, which is compatible with many...
Supports many e-book formats
iht reader

iht reader

The New York Times Company
The IHT Reader recreates the newspaper experience.
The IHT Reader recreates the newspaper experience With IHT Reader, reading the newspaper takes on a whole...
Boston Globe Electronic Publishing
GlobeReader gives access to Boston Globe newspaper's daily content.
...allowing access to Boston Globe newspaper's daily content for a ...previous editions of the newspaper. In order to install...
Good design
Fast access
Pages with large pictures are very slow to browse
Reader Library
Sony Electronics Inc.
Reader Library gives you access to the latest EBooks releases and offerings.
...newspapers and magazines, you will need to create a Reader Store ...from your computer. Briefly, Reader Library is a handy...
Most downloaded in Newspaper Reader
Many languages available
Multiple search criteria


Nick Bradbury
FeedDemon is a handy and powerful RSS feed reader. a handy RSS reader that keeps you up ...conclusion, FeedDemon is a powerful RSS reader that has no downsides and leaves...
Can classify the feeds by keywords
Easy to use and intuitive
Times Reader

Times Reader

The New York Times Company
Times Reader is a desktop browser for the NewYork Times newspaper.
...Reader is a program that will help you to enjoy reading the NewYork Times newspaper grab the newspaper content). Also...
Most recent in Newspaper Reader
Ability to print articles and crosswords
Update interval is customizable
NewspaperDirect Inc.
PressReader is a software application that allows to read publications offline. you do with other news readers. You can download any issue ...want to read their favorite newspapers on their laptops.
Most popular in Newspaper Reader
Latest comments:
PressReader is the easiest way to read newspapers such as The Australian.
Unlike older online readers, PR...
Reader for PC
Sony Electronics Inc.
With this tool you can access the Reader Store and read your favorite eBooks.
...With Reader for PC you can create your own collection of eBooks, newspapers, magazines...
The program allows you to access the Reader Store directly from its interface
It features a friendly GUI
You can add bookmarks and make annotations
Its window isn't completely resizeable
All Mobile

All Mobile

Program to download MP3 songs and albums, complete movies and TV series, etc.
...and TV series, video games, digital newspapers, eBooks and digital books, digital magazines...


Snarfware LLC
Snarfer is one of the best RSS Reader on themarket, and it's free.
...and flexibility of the RSS Reader. The interface has a fair displayed in tiles, newspaper style or having details...
very easy to use

Some Newspaper Reader downloads, not featured in Read Newspapers

Kindle Converter
Convert your Kindle e-books into formats that other e-readers can handle.
...reader may not always want to read all their books, newspapers ...there to a different e-reader via Kindle Converter. The...
Bulk conversion
Extracts books from your Kindle using your Kindle Serial Number
PDF conversión
No multi-output conversion
ePub to Kindle Converter
A useful tool to convert your ePub/HTML books into a Kindle-compatible format.
...popularity of Kindle readers are creating a ...newspapers, digital magazines and books on Kindle, your portable ebook reader...
Comes with merging capabilities
Converts also HTML and TXT documents into MOBI files
crossword puzzle
Crossword puzzle is a fun and entertaining game in which you need to fill.
Crossword puzzle is a fun and entertaining game in which you need to fill in all the blocks with characters. You have to...
You can play it online too
It allows you to read your favorite newspapers in an electronic form.
...allows you to read your favorite newspapers in an electronic form. The program...
Hamster PDF Reader
Hamster PDF Reader is a utility designed to open, view, and print PDF documents.
...books, magazines, comics, newspapers, and all kinds of ...basic features, Hamster PDF Reader is an excellent alternative...
Nice design
Quick and lightweight application
Multiple languages
Landlording in Canada
A walk through the process of selecting a tenant and renting a space.
...tenants.” Drouillard tells the reader how to determine what ...the reader how to make the most of short newspaper...

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