RAM Boost Downloads

These programs provide a viable solution to make your computer run faster. They are designed to optimize and stabilize your PCs RAM, reallocate memory allowing programs and games to run more efficiently.

RAM Boost download selection is a descendant of our RAM Optimizer by Vic Mouldey customized for you:

RAM Booster
RAM Booster.Net
RAM Booster boosts system performance by optimizing the RAM.
RAM Booster offers to boost your system performance by making rational use of available RAM ...run RAM-demanding...
Most relevant in RAM Boost
Its low size makes it quick to download
The price is quite affordable
During the long process of memory optimization, some applications may get unstable
Instant RAM Booster
Instant RAM Booster
Instant RAM Booster is a very powerful and effective memory management program.
...consume system resources. Instant RAM Booster is of great help ...low on memory. Instant RAM Booster monitors and optimizes...
User-friendly interface
Automatic program launcher configuration
Startup options
Not free
WinCleaner Memory Optimizer
Business Logic Corporation
Cleans, optimizes and frees your computer's memory. Memory is vital to the performance of...
...Specifically designed to free ram on XP systems. Memory ...why this software can help boost your system's performance...
RAM Saver Pro
WinTools Software Engineering
Easy-to-use RAM optimizer tool that will keep your computer running faster.
...System Tray monitor; - Desktop RAM monitor; - Desktop CPU Usage ...possibility to create boosted shortcuts; - common and...
Max RAM Optimizer
Max Secure Software
Max RAM Optimizer increases your pc.
Max RAM Optimizer provides fully Automation option. You don
Ram Optimizer XP
Optimize your system’s speed to keep it stable and smooth with Ram Optimizer.
...application immediately will free up the RAM. This application improves your system performance...
The application keeps a continuous monitoring over your system RAM
Automatic performance keeps you free from any manual efforts
Small file size
This application comes with absolutely no warranty
RAM Idle Professional
The smarter memory management program to keep your computer running better, faster, and...
...efficiently, faster, and longer. RAM Idle works by freeing up ...No matter how much RAM you have, RAM Idle will help keep...
Pointstone Software, LLC
Optimize or increase free memory with MemOptimizer.
...active programs and the history of boosted programs as well. Get updates online...
Makes the computer run faster in a matter of seconds
Gives detailed information of the running processes
Allows the user to have control of the commands
Detailed help is only available online, not many set up languages available, some applications run online only
Andromeda RAM Optimizer
An application to free up RAM on your computer and optimize its usage.
...programs. Managing your computer's RAM memory is crucial for ...at a glance your RAM usage, Free RAM, Page usage, Free...
Speeds up your system
Nagging screen reminder in the 30-day trial
RAM Memory Cleaner and Optimizer
PegasusApps Inc
RAM Memory Cleaner and Optimizer is a clever memory management program.
...with near-zero megabytes of RAM, your computer will load your ...needs more memory, after the RAM is used up, it uses...
Free Up Ram
Free Up Ram is a very simple and powerful memory optimizer.
...and efficiency. Free Up Ram uses award-winning technology to ...leading programs. This Free Up Ram is distributed as a trial...
Useful tool, simple to use
Poor interface

Some RAM Boost downloads, not featured in RAM Optimizer

Superb Game Boost
Boosts your game performance by optimizing system resources.
...closing unnecessary background programs. Boosting your game is simple: ...Windows services, clean RAM and startup items to...
Most popular in RAM Boost Most downloaded in RAM Boost
Free of charge
Simple UI
Game dashboard
No themes to customize the interface
Memory Cleaner
Boost up the performance of your system within moments.
...utility designed to help you boost up the performance of your ...window. If you find your RAM usage exceeding 60% regularly...
Provides you with accurate memory usage info
Fast processing speed
Offers you several scheduling options for the cleaning process
Lacks an option to define the preferred threshold limit
RAM Boost Master
It allows you to optimize the RAM memory boosting up the computer speed.
RAM Boost Master allows you to optimize the RAM memory of your computer, boosting up the computer...
You can monitor your system without interrupting it; specify how much memory you want to free up, and the processes you want to clean up or compress
The trial period is for 9 days or 15 times


RamBooster is a program that monitors and frees RAM if necessary.
...program that monitors and frees RAM if necessary. RamBooster doe ...level, how much RAM you will free...
The program doesn´t interfere in your job, and it effectively frees RAM as needed
RAM Booster Pro
Increases your RAM and speeds up your computer.
Free evaluation
Uninstall option
The trial version optimizes only 50% of our Ram memory
Chris-PC RAM Booster
Manages your computer memory and pagefile usage automatically.
...for personal customization of RAM memory usage including low ...freed, etc. Chris-PC RAM Booster also includes a memory...
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