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A macro virus is a term used for a type of virus that changes a macro on your computer. A macro is, basically, a set of commands that are used to perform various actions.

This collection includes several applications that will help you protect your system against macro viruses.

Macro Antivirus download selection is a descendant of our Protect Against Macro Virus by Bill White customized for you:

Steganos AntiVirus 2009
Steganos GmbH
Steganos AntiVirus scans for script, macro, file and boot sector viruses.
... watching silently the interfaces of your computer and carefully screens for script, macro, file and boot sector viruses. While surfing the Internet, some sites need Active X applic...
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Effective, Useful, Safe
Slow updating
Solo Antivirus
SRN Micro Systems
Solo Antivirus 8.0 is an antivirus that scans and removes malicious software.
...scripts, trojans, backdoors, spyware, adware, boot sector, partition table, file and macro viruses. Solo Antivirus 8.0 installs in your computer three different applications: Solo An...
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It´s a good antivirus
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Windows Servers
F-Secure Corporation
It will scan and check the boot sector areas of your hard drive for viruses.
...cuments, archived ZIP and LZH files, executable files for viruses, trojan horses and Macro viruses.
Trojan Guarder Gold
Detects and eliminates viruses, Trojans, and macro viruses.
Trojan Guarder Gold will detect and eliminate viruses, Trojans and macro viruses, even new and unknown ones, on your computer. Trojan Guarder initates a system name...
AntiViral Toolkit Pro
KasperskyLab Ltd. / Swiss edition installer by Metropolitan Network BBS Inc.
Complete prevention, detection, and elimination of thousands of computer viruses and...
...ER-C, DROPPER-D, ENCRCOM/EXE and PROTECT 4.0 encrypted programs. Detects and removes MACRO VIRUSES. Heuristic virus scanning engine detects 80% of new 'unknown' viruses.
Net Protector 2012
Biz Secure Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Zero-Virus Shield stops the viruses in realtime before they reach your PC.
...leans and Protects from all Virus types File Viruses, Boot Sector & Partition Table, Macro Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Dialers, Downloaders, Backdoors, Malwares, Spywares.
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Some Macro Antivirus downloads, not featured in Protect Against Macro Virus

Abacre Antivirus
Protect your computer against viruses, let Abacre Antivirus do it for you.
Abacre Antivirus is a one of the new generation of antivirus programs. This antivirus protects against in...
Free per 30 days
Good price
avast! BART CD Manager
avast! BART CD Manager: an antiviral solution for Windows network administrator.
...g healing, while removing most common infections it will perform a direct removal of macroviruses in documents and it will also include the healing of malicious registry entries, as wel...

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