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In order to protect our systems from malicious attacks it is generally a good idea to keep an eye on the running system processes. Process monitor tools as those from this list will allow you to easily find and close those programs that take too much resources or that look suspicious.

Application Monitor Tool download selection is a descendant of our Process Monitoring by Paul Malgey customized for you:

Process Monitor
Process Monitor will let you know if a process stops running.
Process Monitor 2.1 This program will let you know if a process stops running and notify you by sound, email...
Most relevant in Application Monitor Tool
Alchemy Network Monitor PRO
M.I.S. Helpers
With Alchemy Network Monitor Pro you can monitor processes.
Alchemy Network Monitor PRO is an advanced version of Alchemy Network Monitor capable to perform two additional task...


Ran Geva
It prevents malware programs from executing on your PC.
...tion file. It also supplies the Omigli forum search engine that lets the application find more information about threats, forums, discussions, blogs, etc. There is no help d...
Uses Omigli search engine to provide information about any process
Can be used with any virus or firewall program to provide an integral protection
Haven’t found any
Nsasoft LLC.
It displays information for each process running on local or remote computer.
This application displays information associated with each process running on local or remote computer. I...


NovaTech Network, Inc.
NovaBench 2.0 is a free benchmark program for Microsoft Windows.
...accelerated graphics tests, hard drive write speed test and CPU temperature monitor. NovaBench has a tabbed interface for benchmark results. When you run the program, it...
Most popular in Application Monitor Tool
It´s a good free program to check your system´s strong and weak points
Sysinternals ProcessMonitor
Sysinternals, Inc.
Sysinternals ProcessMonitor is the ultimate tool to work with Windows processes.
Sysinternals ProcessMonitor is the ultimate tool for working with Windows processes. It shows all the processes, their v...
Small application
Shows complete details about all the processes in regular and tree view
Boot time logging of all operations
Slows down the system while scanning and takes a lot of time
Clean MemXP
System utility for watching system status,defraging RAM,optimizing performance.
...h as CPU usage, RAM and Virtual RAM availability, Disks, Processes, Network Monitoring (Processes accessing Internet, Network Traffic/Speed), Services, StartUp Programs. Clean ...

Some Application Monitor Tool downloads, not featured in Process Monitoring

Total Network Monitor
Softinventive Lab: network software
Remote network monitoring for large and medium networks.
Monitor large and medium-size networks without leaving a chair! Total Network Monitor looks after a ...
It is very powerful
It works well
Not very intuitive
Security Monitor Pro
Video Surveillance with multiple IP and USB cameras detects noise or motion.
... or include one-time events. The cameras can also start monitoring when the application starts up. Remote monitoring keeps you on top of security, even from distant location...
Compatible with most of the Windows operating systems
It can manage multiple cameras
Needs professional networking knowledge
WebCam Monitor
WebCam Monitor is an easy to use camera surveillance system.
WebCam Monitor is a camera surveillance system. The application allows you to connect up to four webcams and monitor them in real time. The areas covere...
Most downloaded in Application Monitor Tool
It is easy to use
It supports marking areas in which motion is ignored
It can stream IP video
It doesn´t support IP cams
Monitor Off Utility
Monitor Off Utility is an energy-saving and system automation tool.
...inactive for 5 minutes before sending it to stand-by mode, you can use this application to give your monitors a better longevity and save some electricity along the way. So, yo...
Hotkey support
Saves your monitor's long-term life and some electricity
Can be used on portable devices
Microsoft Network Monitor
Network Monitor is a protocol analyzer which allows to capture network traffic.
Network Monitor 3.4 is a protocol analyzer. It allows you to capture network traffic, view and analyze it. V...
Identify any scamp applications sending network data
Quickly locate frames in the same network conversation
Includes extensive parser set and better parser management
Protocols do not parse correctly

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