Battery Management for Windows Downloads

Tools from this set help the user keep a close eye on the computer power consumption. Some applications have the ability to calculate the total power bill at the end of the month thus informing the user if he needs to take measures in reducing the total power consumption.

Battery Management for Windows download selection is a descendant of our Power Usage Monitoring by Stew Windsor customized for you:

Battery Status
Thomasm M. Talpey
View the battery charge, CPU speed/load/temperature, and hard disk temperature.
...opening the main window you can observe a graph of the battery and CPU behavior...
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View the battery charge, CPU speed/load/temperature, and hard disk temperature
You can change the power scheme, turn off the screen, standby or hibernate the computer
The program does not work in Windows versions previous to Win 2000


Filipe Lourenço
This program lets you take constant care of your laptop's battery.
...performance from your laptop's battery is really a wise decision ...your battery all the time. In the main program window...
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The program's interface is available in 7 languages
You can learn more about how to preserve the battery's life of your laptop
The program adapts easily to the "power plans" that come with you laptop
Simple Shutdown Timer
Shutsdown the computer after a determined period of time.
...Timer is a Windows application designed to ...version: compatibility with Windows server 2008 and Windows 7 has been...
Sets the computer to automatically shutdown, logoff, hibernate, sleep or reboot after a period of time
Commnad line support
Timed Shutdown
Tinnes Software
Simple tool designed to automatically shutdown your computer.
...gathers all its functions in a single window. To program a task, all you need...
Simple, to-the-point interface
Free, no ads
Works very well
Not found


GigaByte Technology, Co. Ltd.
It can adjust and monitor your CPU usage and fan noise according to your needs.
...behavior of i-Cool. Furthermore, the main window of the application integrates a series of...
Most downloaded in Battery Management for Windows
automatic adjustments of CPU power consumption
5 different operating levels
it supports only GIGABYTE Intel 945 chipset series motherboards
Computer Power Log
Direct Logic Systems
Computer Power Log - Track Your Computer Electricity Usage.
...Log program resides silently in the Windows system tray continuously keeping track of...
Power Monitor
Ezonics (Hangzhou) Software Corp., Ltd
...your battery usage rate, calculates time remainign even when windows...
This application measures your battery usage rate, calculates time remainign even when windows won't! Also...
Manage PC Shut Down
Manage PC Shut Down 1.0 is a program that lets you manage the PC shudown.
...program that helps you manage the shudown of your ...standby mode in Windows, both manually and ...usage or the battery is low (...
It´s a good tool to perform scheduled shutdowns
Intelligent Shutdown
Intelligent Shutdown Software.
Intelligent Shutdown Software Shutdown with LAN-activity or CPU activity - Usage Intelligent Shutdown Software Shutdown...

Some Battery Management for Windows downloads, not featured in Power Usage Monitoring

Smarter Battery
Microsys Com Ltd.
Battery monitoring utility to prolong battery life and save energy. all, Smarter Battery is an excellent substitute for Windows energy management features. However, it...
It can provide accurate information about your battery status
It lets you activate Green Mode with a single click
It facilitates accessing to Windows energy-saving features
It cannot be scheduled to save battery parameters at regular intervals
Mz Shutdown Scheduler
Mz Ultimate Tools
Mz Shutdown Scheduler is a Windows schedule application.
...Scheduler is a Windows schedule application that ...settings can help you manage your battery power, giving you maximum...
Allows you to Shutdown your computer in a specified time
You can schedule to run a particular program at shutdown
Displays custom warning message
Battery Mode

Battery Mode

Tarasov Artyom
Battery Mode is a Windows battery indicator replacement.
...a Windows battery indicator replacement with advanced power management and backlight control. You can use Battery Mode...
Rightmark CPU Clock Utility
...) systems.Windows power management settings and LCD display brightness control (where supported).Battery information...
Dell ControlPoint System Manager
Dell Inc.
It contains the functionality previously included in the QuickSet application. for power management configuration, alert capabilitie ...Management Wizard, Power Scheme creation, and Battery...
Most recent in Battery Management for Windows
Replaces and Enhances Dell Quickset Functions
Small and quick download
ts compatible with previous TPM enabled Latitude series
Bigger filesize compared to Dell Quickset, which offers almost same functionalities

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