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Tools from this set help the user keep a close eye on the computer power consumption. Some applications have the ability to calculate the total power bill at the end of the month thus informing the user if he needs to take measures in reducing the total power consumption.

Power Usage Monitoring download selection by Stew Windsor. April 04, 2015

Computer Power Log
Direct Logic Systems
Computer Power Log - Track Your Computer Electricity Usage.
...Your Computer Electricity Usage Computer Power Log will monitor your computer usage and calculate...


Filipe Lourenço
This program lets you take constant care of your laptop's battery.
...From there, it will monitor the status of your ...to activate any "power plan" automatically when...
Most popular in Power Usage Monitoring
The program's interface is available in 7 languages
You can learn more about how to preserve the battery's life of your laptop
The program adapts easily to the "power plans" that come with you laptop
Battery Status
Thomasm M. Talpey
View the battery charge, CPU speed/load/temperature, and hard disk temperature.
...current power source and the battery power remaining ...command on resume or power status change. The...
View the battery charge, CPU speed/load/temperature, and hard disk temperature
You can change the power scheme, turn off the screen, standby or hibernate the computer
The program does not work in Windows versions previous to Win 2000
Power Monitor
Ezonics (Hangzhou) Software Corp., Ltd
...application measures your battery usage rate, calculates time remainign...
This application measures your battery usage rate, calculates time remainign even...
Manage PC Shut Down
Manage PC Shut Down 1.0 is a program that lets you manage the PC shudown.
...reboot, lock, power off, hibernate, disconnect ...low CPU usage or the ...turn off the monitor or show...
It´s a good tool to perform scheduled shutdowns
Timed Shutdown
Tinnes Software
Simple tool designed to automatically shutdown your computer.
...power. The triggers include Time and Date, CPU or Network usage ...be easily monitored and aborted if...
Simple, to-the-point interface
Free, no ads
Works very well
Not found
Intelligent Shutdown
Intelligent Shutdown Software.
...LAN-activity or CPU activity - Usage Intelligent Shutdown Software Shutdown with...
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Dynamic Energy Saver
GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver provides exceptional power savings.
...Saver provides exceptional power savings and the most appropriate power usage without sacrificing...


GigaByte Technology, Co. Ltd.
It can adjust and monitor your CPU usage and fan noise according to your needs.
...of CPU power usage: Silent ...monitors the CPU loading and accordingly adjusts the CPU power usage...
Most downloaded in Power Usage Monitoring
automatic adjustments of CPU power consumption
5 different operating levels
it supports only GIGABYTE Intel 945 chipset series motherboards
Simple Shutdown Timer
Shutsdown the computer after a determined period of time.
...This application helps save power usage, as it is very ...to have the computer power off after an...
Sets the computer to automatically shutdown, logoff, hibernate, sleep or reboot after a period of time
Commnad line support


Microsoft Research
This is a software tool that estimates the power consumption of your computer.
...that estimates the power consumption of your ...brightness, and estimates power usage. Joulemeter can...
EMA (Electricity Meter Analyzer)
the software calculates the total power that has been used.
...of electricity meters that record power usage on a half hourly interval are...
Helps you keep track of your power usage on your UPS device.
...track of your power usage on your UPS device ...change the time between power failure and shutdown...
Latest comments:
Bill Baughman
Simple and does the job
Power Meter Plus
Matthew Collinge
Power Meter Plus displays how much power the laptop's battery has left.
...gradually appear as the power level drops. The ...and a desktop shortcut. Power Meter Plus is free for...
You can see the power meter in the background of your desktop and It will gradually appear as the power level drops
When opening the Laptop power window you cannot minimize it and the program will be closed
PowerPanel Personal Edition
Cyber Power Systems, Inc.
It is an exclusive software that allows the user to control & monitor his UPS.
...control and monitor his UPS ...utility Power or Internal Battery Power i ...battery usage are also...
Shows the various notifications that the user needs to know
Downloading the file does not take much time
Maximum and minimum runtime are user defined
The software requires the cyber power UPS

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