Addon for Pain Shop Pro Downloads

Pain Shop Pro is a vector and raster graphics editor that was originally developed and released by Jasc Software which was later bought by Corel Inc along with the distribution rights for the app. It's functionality can be extended by using Photoshop-compatible plugins.

A plugin is a piece of software that enhances or adds a specific feature to an existing application.

This set is comprised from numerous plugins that are compatible with Paint Shop Pro. These plugins add new digital image filters, new photo blending methods, etc.

Addon for Pain Shop Pro download selection is a descendant of our Plugin for Corel Paintshop Pro by Etan Bourke customized for you:

Anti Red Eye
VicMan Software
A powerful and handy Photoshop plugin for red eye removal.
...with Adobe Photoshop, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, VCW VicMan's Photo Editor ...with Adobe Photoshop, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, VCW VicMan's Photo Editor...
Most relevant in Addon for Pain Shop Pro
AKVIS Retoucher
It's an efficient program for photo restoration and photo retouching.
AKVIS Retoucher is a powerful image editing tool that offers special features which enable its users to perform photo retouching and...
Most recent in Addon for Pain Shop Pro
Comes as a standalone tool and as a plugin
Includes a handy "Clone stamp" tool
A bit pricey
The Plugin Site
A collection of free plugins for performing useful photo manipulations & effects.
...dozens of graphics applications including Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop Elements, PhotoPlus, Photo-Paint, IrfanView and...
AKVIS Chameleon
Create photo collages in various modes without complex selection procedures.
AKVIS Chameleon can help you create photo collages without much effort. The program has a straightforward interface. Luckily, everything...
No need to use complex selection procedures
Four modes to combine the two images
Various post-processing tools
Does not support many input formats
A Photoshop plug-in to restore images, correct defects and more.
...just open your favorite editor (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro...) and look at the plugins list. There...
Incredible results in seconds
You need Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro
Harald Heim
With ColorWasher manage your pictures and make them perfect.
...other graphic applications such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop Elements, PhotoImpact, Photo-Paint, Fireworks, IrfanView...
Compatible with graphic applications
Only works with 8 and 16 bit pictures
The Plugin Site
It performs effective photo contrast enhancements and adjustments.
...graphic suites like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Irfan View, etc. This handy tool can...
Allows batch processing of image files
Easy-to-use interface
Can be used both as standalone app and as plugin for other apps
AKVIS Decorator
AKVIS Decorator lets you decorate any image with your imagination.
...image editors integrates with Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro Photo and other photo-editing applications. It...
Easily integrates with all your image editing tools
Comprises a texture library
Can apply new textures to it like angle, scale, brightness, deepness and warping
File size too big
StarFilter Pro
ProDigital Software
A photo editor plugin that adds star effects to your images.
StarFilter Pro is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, PaintShop and...
Identifies the highlights of a photo in order to place the star effects
The effects can be adjusted according to preferences
It can be considered a bit pricey
Topaz InFocus
Topaz Labs
Topaz InFocus is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in for digital image enhancement.
...also works with Adobe Photoshop Elements 1-9, Paint Shop Pro, Painter X/11, PhotoImpact, and Irfanview. It can...
Most popular in Addon for Pain Shop Pro
Excellent blur removal
Recovers out-of-focus images
AKVIS Coloriage
Add color to your black and white pictures and replace shades in your photos.
AKVIS Coloriage was designed to help Windows users give color to their black and white pictures. The program also comes in handy if you want...
Lets you easily compare the original image with the result
Allows you undo as many editing tasks as you like
You can print the results directly from the app's interface
Supports a small amount of image formats
The Plugin Site
FocalBlade 1.05 is a plug-in that lets you sharpen your photos.
...applications including Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoImpact, Photo-Paint ...plug-in for Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. FocalBlade will...
It´s a nice plug-in for enhancing your photos
Most programs already have an efficient sharpening tool. The demo is unusable, as it leaves watermarks everywhere

Some Addon for Pain Shop Pro downloads, not featured in Plugin for Corel Paintshop Pro

Sweet Dreams Sweetie Cluster
Sweet Dreams Sweetie Cluster is a design package for Memory Suite.
...users who work with Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to create a perfect memory.
Black Cherry Mocha
This is the newest design apllication from StoryRock Inc. applications (i.e., Adobe Photoshop & Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, etc.)
MM6 Spooky Halloween
Install Halloween themed JPG and PNG elements on MyMemories.
Spooky Halloween Pack is an addon for MyMemories scrapbooking software. It ...including Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Paint Shop Pro.


Paint.NET is free and powerful photo editing program.
Paint.NET is free photo editing program with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects and a wide variety of useful and powerful...
Most downloaded in Addon for Pain Shop Pro
There are many plugins to download from Forum website
It Supports layers
It opens and works faster than other image editors
Corel Painter Essentials
Turns a photo into an amazing oil, pastel or impressionist work of art.
Corel® Painter® Essentials™ 6 is custom designed to inspire you to freely create blank canvas and photo art creations using award-winning...
Powerfull tools and flexibility for edition
Full system of tutorials and guides
It runs on Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS
It requires 1GB of free space on hard disk for installation
Tux Paint

Tux Paint

Let your kids to get fun and learn with this amazing and free drawing tool.
If you are looking for a drawing tool created specially for kids, then let me tell you that Tux Paint is an excellent option. I'm sure that...
It´s very easy to use, and attractive for every kid

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