Penguin-Themed Game Downloads

This collection contains game of various genres, including action games, arcade ones, or even simple puzzles. All these game have in common the fact that penguins are one of their main themes or elements.

Penguin-Themed Game download selection by Bill White. April 28, 2017

Crazy Penguin Party
Compete against friends or AI in 2 amazing penguin games...
...AI in 2 amazing penguin games, to play on game boards in tournaments of...
Cloud Penguin
Cloud Penguin
It is a free program that enables you to play the CuP game on your computer.
...Penguin is a free program that enables you to play the CuP game ...ins for the games, manage your...
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Latest comments:
Ian McQueen
Awesome app that lets you re visit parties and more!
Penguins! is an adorable strategy game in which you should help the penguins. perfectly well. All in all, Penguins! is a really cute and enjoyable game...
Adorable theme
Cute graphics
Great scenarios
Penguins Arena
Penguins Arena is an original fast-paced action game with a cute theme.
...action game with a cute theme. In this game you are part of a penguin tribe...
Wonderful graphics
Very-fast paced and enjoyable
You can play with other players
Requires a good video card to function properly
Penguins Journey
Help the penguins to escape by building the bridge on the water.
This cute and fun game is about penguins adventures, as you might guess...
Easy to learn how to play the game using the help
Affordable price
Nice interface
It’s available only in English
Pengu Wars
Bigfish Games
Aim the flying penguins so you can knock down the enemy fish thieves.
...are a walrus, a mean penguin and a polar bear. These three pass. This game is great for little...
It's great for kids
Sometimes the penguins will shoot without you actually shooting it
ClubPenguinCP Money Maker
ClubPenguinCP Money Maker can get you thousands of coins in Club Penguin game.
...thousands of coins in Club Penguin game within seconds. The money maker...
Penguin Families
Novel Games Limited
Have fun and figure out how a penguin family stays together.
Penguin Family is a unique and interesting Flash game from Novel Games which includes one...
Will put you to think for a long while
Good graphics
Entertaining and quite interesting
None at all
Penguin Family
Novel Games Limited
Penguin Family is a cute arcade game in which you must help the penguins.
...All in all, Penguin Family is a cute game, but very short. And...
Cute graphics and theme
Easy for kids
The results can be published on you multiple social sites
Only one level
Penguin Buddy
Play Buddy
Penguin Buddy is a Penguin Blocks bot guaranteed to improve your game.
...this icy game has grown cold, look to Penguin Buddy! This Penguin Blocks...
Hammer Penguins
Small Fun Games
A tile-matching game where the goal is to clear the board.
...(a pair of playful penguins) are off to save Hammer Penguins is a tile-matching game where the...
Latest comments:
Kerry Paulson
Awesome game!
Penguin Rescue
MyPlayCity, Inc.
Match 3 puzzle adventure game with South Pole theme.
Penguin Rescue is a match 3 puzzle adventure game with a South Pole theme ...and save penguins in the...
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101 Penguin Pets
Selectsoft Publishing
101 Penguin Pets is a lovely simulation game in which you can own a penguin.
...Penguin Pets is a lovely simulation game in which you can own a penguin ...101 adorable penguins--or...
Penguin versus Yeti
Jochen Kaercher
Racing against Zoltan the vulture and try to destroy the yeti's food supply. reserves. Other penguins tried this before ...three difficulty levels, Penguin vs. Yeti offers...
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Penguin Panic
Michael Jolley
Penguin Panic is a platform game in which you are a cute penguin. In short, Penguin Panic is a simple platform game that really doesn...
Cute characters
Nice scenarios
Lots of levels
Poor graphics, sounds and music
Penguin Puzzle
Nuclide Games
Penguin Puzzle is an enjoyable and entertaining puzzle game for all ages.
Penguin Puzzle is an enjoyable and entertaining puzzle game ...really enjoyed playing Penguin Puzzle, so...
Beautiful graphics
Nice and intuitive user interface
Three game modes and skill levels
Penguins Mania
TotalGameplay Studio
Attractive arcade game set in the arctic where you have to take care of penguins.
Penguins Mania is an attractive arcade game that ...protect a family of penguins from the threatens...
Easy to play
Nice graphics and sound
For kids and adults alike
Repetitive gameplay