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This set of freeware applications allows you to protect access to your private folders with a password so that no one can see their contents besides you.

Some of these applications also allow you to hide those folders from view altogether.

Password-Protect Folders download selection by Jørgen Walters. March 06, 2015

Easy File Locker
Easy File Locker protects your privacy by locking selected files and folders.
...master password and start adding the files and folders bypass the protection. However, in my...
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It is lightweight and free
It is very easy to use
It doesn´t change file contents
You cannot use individual passwords
2BrightSparks Pte Ltd
Free app that offers an efficient solution to protect confidential data.
...protect confidential data, like bank account information, credit card numbers, website passwords...
Simple interface
Quick and easy file encryption
An entry to the context menu would simplify the encryption/decryption process
SysTools Folder Key
It allows you to lock files against getting accessed by any unauthorized person. to lock folders with password or without password. Password protected folder/files can’t be...
Latest comments:
Do not use this: it's not user friendly and there are many bugs.
Alfa Folder Locker
Alfa programs
Fast and straightforward utility to lock your sensitive folders with a password.
...secures with a password any folder and it ...protected folder or subfolder and type in the password...
Simple and clear interface
Integrates with Windows context menu
Straightforward functionality
Dull interface
File & Folder Locker
TAREQ's World
File & Folder Locker is designed for those users who use more than one computer. computer. File & Folder Locker (USB Edition) ...and password protect files and or folders on...
SysTools Folder Lock
CoreDataTree Technology Private Limited
Prevent access to certain folders by locking them with this utility.
...a password can be used to lock a folder but that ...job at locking a folder and denying access to...
It's too easy to get access to locked folders
Folder Locking
A small program to password-protect folders in a snap.
...program to work. When password-protecting a folder, I clicked on "Lock folder" button, hit Enter...
Could be a handy alternative to quickly lock folders
When I clicked on "Lock folder" nothing happens. So this program is useless
Private Folders Lite
It prevents unauthorized access to files and folders on your computer.
...make any your folder private - hide and lock your folder and protect folder with a password.
My Lockbox

My Lockbox

FSPro Labs
Adds password protection to lock your folder and hide it from the screen. can only password protect a single folder and to protect multiple folders you will have...
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Locks and hides your folder from the system
Customize the looks through themes
Whitelist applications that need excess the folder
Free version only locks a single folder

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