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These programs will help you store passwords and other personal data such as login credentials in one single, secure location. Thanks to these programs, your passwords and your personal data will always be at hand, easy to access at all time and away from the risk of being forgotten, while also completely secure.

Password Manager download selection by Matthew Dobie. April 03, 2015

Advanced Password Manager
Rayslab Inc.
Protect your passwords and other sensitive data with this program.
...four main areas: Passwords, Credit card number ...if you manage a lot of passwords and other...
Useful for protecting sensitive data
Microsoft-approved software
Nice and easy-to-use interface
The passwords detected are stored online so they can be hacked
Aurora Password Manager
Animabilis Software
Aurora Password Manager stores your passwords and other sensitive data.
Aurora Password Manager is a powerful and handy application that stores your passwords and other...
Easy to use
Simple and nice user interface
Strong encryption
Supports the Internet Explorer only
Siber Systems, Inc.
Fill online forms automatically and manage your passwords. both a form filler and a passwords manager designed to save you a lot...
Most popular in Password Manager Most recent in Password Manager
Fills in online forms for you
Generates and manages complex passwords
Login to all your private web pages through a single, master password
Is hard to understand at first
AES Password Manager
AES Software
Full-featured password management solution for both home and corporate users.
...suit your needs. AES Password Manager is a password management solution ideal for both home...
LastPass can help you save your login information online. an online password manager that works through generate secure passwords and even suggest...
It’s easy to use
It allows you to create various identities
It protects you against keyloggers
Its interface is not very attractive
Easy Password Manager
Polygon Enterprises
Securely store Internet passwords, auto account login and auto fill web forms.
...more. Further Details: Easy Password Manager is a secure password management system that allows One...
KeePass Password Safe
Dominik Reichl
It is a program that protects your accounts and passwords.
...your accounts and passwords. The application come choose among a master password, a key file...
Most downloaded in Password Manager
Easy to use
Master key function
AES and Twofish encryption algorithms
Xilisoft Password Manager
This tool assists you as a first class password manager and web form filler.
...afraid of password loss? Xilisoft Password Manager offers the best password management solution to...
Personal Passworder
Personal Passworder enables you to store sensitive information securily. usernames or passwords of whatever you ...fields: title, login, password (which can be...
Nice and intuitive user interface
Includes a toolbar for easy access
AI RoboForm
Siber Systems
A password manager with many useful safety features.
...RoboForm is a password manager that allows you and manage passwords for Windows applications...
In is easy to use
It has an attractive interface
It has many features to manage on-
The "free" version is not free at all, but a trial version of the program
Free Password Manager
Keeps all your passwords and other sensitive information in a safe place.
...information in a safe place. Free Password Manager is a light yet powerful application...
Comprehensive and powerful tool
Allows you to fully customize the fields of your databases
Allows you to quickly clear the contents of your clipboard with the click of a button
Password Manager Deluxe
Kristanix Software
This reliable tool will help you store and protect all your login information.
...having to enter the password. Even worse, Password Manager Deluxe saves a history with...
It offers a handy password generator
It can launch webpages directly from its interface
It allows you to set an icon to each entry
The "lock database" feature doesn't function properly
Chica Password Manager
ChicaLogic Inc.
This program helps you safely store your accounts and passwords.
Chica Password Manager is an application ...need to set a master password. This feature strengthens the...
Well-structured interface
Master password feature
Import and export option
No available skins
SecureAlert Password Manager
SecureAlert Password Manager stores your passwords and protects them.
...All in all, SecureAlert Password Manager is a comprehensive password manager and bit more, which...
Nice and intuitive user interface
Toolbar for your browser
Passwords Plus
DataViz, Inc.
Passwords Plus is a powerful yet easy to use password manager. use password manager that allows you to manage all your passwords in a secure...
Easy to use. Simple and intuitive user interface. Great value for its price Password Organizer
| Password Organizer allows you to manage your password data.
...Organizer is a convenient solution for managing passwords and security codes corresponding to...
Most relevant in Password Manager
Easy to use
Filter entries by date, name, login, or password
Search function
Password Organizer
Markosoft Inc
Store all of your login information and authorizations in this secure database.
...'s where the Markosoft Password Organizer comes in. The Password Organizer makes it...
Odin Password Secure Manager
Odin Share Company
This handy tool will help you manage and organize all your log-in information.
...newest version of Odin Password Secure Manager brings several improvements to the...
Evaluates and displays the strength of your passwords
Protects your database by encrypting it
Offers a powerful passwords generator
The entry fields aren't customized for the standard groups
PrimaSoft PC
It's a flexible password management software for Windows users.
...up and use. Password Organizer Deluxe is a flexible password management software for Windows...
Markosoft Password Organizer
Markosoft Incorporated
Protect and manage your as searchable database records.
...of your user names and passwords as searchable database records that...

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