AnVir Task Manager Free
AnVir Software
A substitute for Windows Task Manager with extra features.
...its memory footprint and opened connections, among many ...Luckily, it also monitors hidden processes and the generated...
Most popular in PC Open Process Monitor Most relevant in PC Open Process Monitor
Provides much more information than what you can get from the system’s built task manager
Provides security ratings
Monitors software and hardware performance
Beginners may feel disoriented at first
Process Explorer
Mark Russinovich
Process Explorer shows you all the processes executed in your PC.
...can locate opened libraries for each process to provide ...information of the DLLs those processes open, and a double view...
Easy to use
Great options
The company is now part of Microsoft
Dependent on account rights
Remote Process Explorer
I like it when people make applications that serve a single purpose well.
...of those applications. Remote Process Explorer allows you to ...of software. Remote Process Explorer does not necessarily...
Most recent in PC Open Process Monitor
Great interface
Simple and easy to use
ActMon Process Monitoring
ActMon Computer File PC Network Monitoring Software
Displays detailed information about all running processes, adware and spyware.
ActMon Process Monitoring displays detailed information about all running processes. For each process, it improves on...


KillProcess is a small utility that displays and terminates system processes.
...and terminates any process running under Window and terminate certain processes automatically. The Scanning...
A simple way to stop Windows processes
Process detailed information
None to mention
Process Terminator
JC Software
Process Terminator is a program that shows and kills running processes.
...running processes. Once you´ve selected a process from the ...button will terminate that process immediately, thus freeing...
It´s a powerful free tool to get rid of unwanted processes
Security Process Explorer
Glarysoft Ltd
a freeware replacement for the Windows native Task Manager.
Security Process Explorer is a freeware replacement for the ...into the relationships between different processes.
Process Monitor
Process Monitor will let you know if a process stops running.
...sound, email and or message box Process Monitor Process Monitor 2.1 This program will let you know...
Process Viewer
Process Viewer shows the processes currently active in your system.
...system, it shows what processes are being handled and ...although this can be confusing. Process Viewer is a light, easy...
Easy to use
Very informative
Information shown is almost the same as in task manager

Some PC Open Process Monitor downloads, not featured in PC Process Monitoring

System Safety Monitor Free Edition
Real-time protection from all known and unknown malware and rootkits. 100% free.
...level SSM monitors in real ...Thread and Process Suspension and Termination ...Modification * Window Opening * IE Settings...
Serial Port Monitor
Displays, logs and analyzes all serial port activity in a system.
...utility for RS232/RS422/RS485 port monitoring. Using this program, you can ...related to various programs and processes.
Easy to use and to understand
Integrated search and filters
Easy data exportation
System Explorer
Lets you control all the details of your system internals.
...running processes, performance parameters, open connection ...- Easy monitoring of processes activities and System...
Shows you all the relevant details about your system internals
Acts as a complementary antivirus and anti-rootkit system
Uses an online up-to-date database to identify threats
Designed mainly for advanced and expert users
Utility which sits in the user's System Tray for monitoring and reporting.
...on the monitored PC, the DB ...Monitoring of opening/closing of applications - Monitoring of starting/stopping of processes...
Essential NetTools
Essential NetTools is a set of tools for diagnosing networks .
...for diagnosing networks and monitoring your computer's network ...including the information on open TCP and UDP ports...
Most downloaded in PC Open Process Monitor
Very interesting features
Nice interface
Nice evaluation version with no apparent limitations

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