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FTP is a network protocol, which is used for transferring files from one host to another over transmission control protocol based network, like the Internet, we all are accustomed to. Of course, the time required for data transfers depends on FTP speed: the faster - the better. Only right applications can boast of saving your time.

Organize Fast FTP Connection download selection by Nova Vozrak. April 09, 2015

FileZilla Client
Tim Kosse
FileZilla Client is a very popular open-source FTP client. used to create FTP connections, as well a are efficiently organized in the main window...
Most popular in Organize Fast FTP Connection Most downloaded in Organize Fast FTP Connection Most recent in Organize Fast FTP Connection
Very reliable program
Comes with a large number of features
Open-source application
You have to visit the webpage of the application in order to get help or documentation
CuteFTP Home
GlobalSCAPE, Inc
Fast file transfer protocol program for all file types and sizes.
...Transfer Protocol or FTP Client and CuteFTP ...through configuring a new connection, and a Scheduling...
Built-in web editor
No obvious disadvantages
Bdrive Inc.
Access remote storage locations just as if they were local drives.
...Moreover, if your connection is fast enough, you can FTP site as fast as standard FTP clients...
Very easy to use
Support of multiple remote storage types
Various drives
Not as fast as standard FTP clients


IoRush Software
FTPRush is a free FTP client that supports FXP, SFTP, TFTP, etc.
...users. It supports SFTP connections, as well a ...various free FTP hosts which you can connect to and...
Free program
Includes a great number of features
It allows you to automate transferring processes
This program has no disadvantages


FreshFTP Freeware lets you to donwload or upload your files easily.
...Superb multi-threaded FTP client - Optional simultaneou ...Multi-connection downloads with speeds...
very easy to use interface
FTP Now is an FTP client that has a nice interface.
...connected to an FTP site, I was able to browse it very fast ...way of connecting to FTP sites without...
Nice interface
Good site manager
Excellent performance
It could benefit from a tabbed interface or multi-site support
Core FTP Lite
Core FTP
Core FTP LE is a free FTP Client application for Windows based systems.
...well as the connection type: FTP, HTTP, etc ...possibilities for customizing connection, data, filter...
Very complete application with many option and possible settings. The help file shows all the settings options and a good explanation for everyone
FastTrack Communications
Investors FastTrack
This communication package connects with FastTrack's FTP servers.
...package connects with FastTrack's FTP server ...retry a bad connection ping/ponging between...
FastTrack FTP is a Client application for MS Windows based systems.
...of the program and connect to another FTP server while a previous instance...
Very complete application with many facilities and utilities. It enables multiple sessions simultaneously
WorldWide FTP
Free ftp software used to ftp files to and from a server.
...ftp software used to connect to a FTP server to ftp ...personal FTP sites. WorldWide Ftp is a fast FTP...


GoFTP Communications
GoFTP is a very fast FTP connecting application. Quick transfers and site handle.
...publishers, the fastest FTP program. It is a very fast connecting application, using registered...
Very small and handy FTP application

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