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Orcs are an imaginary race of creatures most known for their excessive brutality. All the games in this set include Orcs in their gameplay, and some of them even have Orcs as their main characters. Most of these games are RPGs, but action and strategy games are also included in this set.

Orc-Themed Game download selection by Paul Malgey. June 27, 2015

Warcraft III
Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft III allows enjoying several features of this war strategy game.
...features of this game, besides the excellent ...three missions showing the Orcs' battles and allows...
Most popular in Orc-Themed Game
Excellent storyline
Possibility of playing through the net
Requires a good video board, at the very least


This is an adventure game where you have to pass many interesting tasks.
...in each other games. All games will be saved ...those who enjoy adventure games. Operating Systems: All...
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Good Lookin Interface
Good Game Quality
Knight Online
noah system
multiplayer online role-playing game.
...multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that utilize ...nation of the Orc tribes. The successful...
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
Sigil Games Online
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is a role-play game developed by Sigil Games Online.
...multiplayer game (MMORPG) created by Sigil Games Online ...of wolf-man), goblins, orcs, Raki (fox-man)...
Huge maps
Crazy Orcs Racing
It is a game about orcs who are fond of playing fresh stuff too.
Crazy Orcs Racing is a driving game about orcs who are ...their interests in racing games. There are a...
Work The Orc

Work The Orc

Falco Software, Inc.
It is a game where you have to reclaim the gold stolen by by an evil king.
...you play as an orc trying to reclaim the ...stolen by an evil king. Orc, upon discovering the theft...
Two Worlds Epic Edition
Reality Pump Studios
You can experience spectacular, dynamically fights on foot or at full gallop.
...Epic Edition is a RPG game in which 300 years after ...flared up between the Orcs and the free world...
Kingdom Rush
IRONHIDE Game Studio
It is an epic tower defense game where you can choose from a variety of towers.
...an epic journey game where you should defend ...kingdom against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards...
Hinterland.Orc Lords
Tilted Mill Entertainment
Your goal is to lead a handful of peasants to establish a small haven.
Your goal is to lead a handful of peasants to establish a small haven in the wild backcountry of a...
The Battle for Middle-earthâ„¢ II
Electronic Arts
The battle for Middle Earth II is a strategy game.
...Earth II is a strategy game developed by Electronics Art ...campaign of the Evil (orcs) each of one...
Excellent graphics and great scenarios
Blood Bowl
Cyanide Entertainment
Blood Bowl is an ultra violent team sport, based on the Warhammer fantasy world.
...such races as Orcs, Elves, Dwarf ...experimenting. Winning a game requires a strong game-sense and a...
Heroes of Might and Magic V - Tribes of the East
NIVAL Interactive
Heroes of Might and Magic V Tribes of the East is the 2 expansion pack to HOMMV.
...the character Quroq, an Orc, taking over a rebelled ...the previous versions of game maps together with...
Several bugfixes
Great development of the storyline
Gothic III
JoWooD Productions Software AG
Gothic 3 is an exciting role play game developed by JowooD Productions.
...an exciting role play game developed by JoWooD Production ...continent, where the Orcs have invaded almost...
Excellent story end incredible scenarios
Of Orcs and Men
Spiders - Cyanide Studio
You must play as an elite Orc soldier of the legendary legion of Bloodjaws.
...persecuted and slaughtered, while Orcs, if not killed in ...play as an elite Orc soldier of the...
Orcs Must Die!
Robot Enterteinment
Orcs Must Die! challenges players to defend fortresses under siege.
...weapons to choose from, Orcs Must Die! dare ...of filthy orcs and their vile allies. Orcs Must Die!...

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