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PHP pages can be opened by a lot of different programms, as they are, basically, text files. But for easier php coding, there are specialized applications, and this list contains the most important ones. Besides php, they also offer support for html, css, sql, java and many other programming languages.

Edit PHP Pages download selection is a descendant of our Open and Edit PHP Code by Pete Clapp customized for you:

DzSoft PHP Editor
DzSoft Ltd.
This tool allows you to write and edit source code written in PHP.
...helps you write and edit PHP source code. It comes as a small ...its skin. It consists of two tabs: Edit and Run & Preview. Though, it should...
Most relevant in Edit PHP Pages
Allows you to use bookmarks for easy access to some code parts
Highly customizable user-interface
Includes a syntax checker
It doesn't include a PHP interpreter
EnginSite Editor for PHP
EnginSite Editor for PHP is an IDE for writing, editing, debugging PHP code.
...is an advanced future rich PHP editor which provides a ...environment for PHP programmers. EnginSite Editor for PHP highlights your php code...
Can install PHP or use your current installation
Can use your existing Apache installation as a web server
No function limitations in the Demo. version
Moderate initial loading speed
Rapid PHP 2010
Karlis Blumentals
This is a web programming language editor for PHP, HTML, XHTML, and JavaScript.
...that specializes in PHP, but with capabilities to write and edit HTML, XHTML ...to instantly create and edit not only PHP, but also HTML, XHTML...
Latest comments:
Probably one of the best HTML/CSS/PHP/JS editors on the market!
A powerful text editor specially designed for programmers and web developers.
...most popular languages such as HTML, PHP, CSS, ASP, Javascript, Java ...browse code files or create/edit a web page, EditPlus is a tool that...
Acts as a powerful, tiny code editor
Color-codes the keywords of the most used programming languages
Create and share your own syntax files for additional languages support
Checks the spell for English language only
WeBuilder 2006
Blumentals Software
Powerful, quick and convenient code editor for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.
...create and edit HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, ASP ...create and edit HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, ASP...
C-Point JavaScript Editor
C Point
Antechinus JavaScript Editor is an IDE for HTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, CSS and XML.
...form validation generator. The JavaScript editing is really fun, The program ...also supports AJAX code editing. The PHP editor part is also as...
Compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista and 64-bit systems
Integrated internal web preview app
Dozens and dozens of features
None were seen


thaler software
tsWebEditor is a text/php/html editor. It displays...
...* code browser * ftp edit - edit files directly on a ftp server * html, xml, php syntax check * included help...
Codelobster Software
Easy tool for creating, redacting, processing and converting code.
...feature: now creating a *.html, *.java,*.php, *.pl, *.asp,*.xml, *.xsl ...: now creating a *.html, *.java,*.php, *.pl, *.asp,*.xml, *.xsl...
PHP Expert Editor
Ankord Development Group
PHP Expert Editor is a php script development tool.
There are many good development tools for php scripting, but this IDE has some features...
Easy to use
UTF-8 support
Doesn't support ISO-8859
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 allows design and develops standards-based Web sites.
...based Web sites Designing Web pages in conditions equivalent to a real ...it. Integrated into their Web pages the vast potential offered by...
Most popular in Edit PHP Pages Most downloaded in Edit PHP Pages Most recent in Edit PHP Pages
Properties pane and get assistance in the process
Requires more system resources
PHP Editor

PHP Editor

Diogo Edegar Mafra
PHP Editor helps you to write your programming code in PHP, SQL, Java and others.
...have a handy programming dictionary. - PHP Manual. Within the application, at ...can see your designed web pages. Some basic functions like...
The program loads very fast
Internal Web browser
TSW phpCoder 2008
With Tsw php code we can create php codes. This program is very easy to use.
...templates codes like: (HTML 4.01, PHP, Standard and XHTML 1.0), we can save ...program or print it. In the Edit button we can select indent or...
Can insert a CodeSnippet, manage Codesnippet, select a color dialog, FTP server manager, Database server manager, HTML, CSS and PHP tidy, check the php syntax and more
Has no disadvantages
Zend Studio for Eclipse -
Zend Technologies
Zend Studio for Eclipse is the best IDE for PHP developers.
...application development such as editing, debugging, analysis, optimization ...By providing powerful PHP capabilities, improved JavaScript...
Improved Syntax Highlighting
Autocomplete with Code-Assist
Ability to add runtime libraries
Very bulky, even for above average systems (tested on Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz, 2GB RAM)

Some Edit PHP Pages downloads, not featured in Open and Edit PHP Code



Nvu 1.0 is a very easy to use application for creating web pages.
...anchors, forms, PHP code, comments, etc. for making web pages in a very quick manner, editing them in...
Tagged pages view. CSS insertion. JavaScript console. Very easy to use for creating simple web pages
CoffeeCup HTML Editor
Design and manage your web sites with responsive themes and code completion.
...compatibility, which means that your pages will look exactly the same ...that update instantly across all pages, live previews, and dozens of...
Crossbrowser compatibility
HTML validation
Code completion
Code writing skills indispensable
NetBeans IDE

NetBeans IDE

Helps you to develop Java desktop, mobile, and web applications.
...also provides a great set of tools for PHP and C/C developers.
Comprehensive IDE-all parts of software development life-cycle are covered adequately
Supports latest Java 8 version
Well-documented. Extensive coverage of all topics
Heavy on computer resources
MultiTextor is a multi-platform console mode text editor.
...comparing mode -C/C /Java/PHP functions list access -File ...different text code pages -Files search on ...memory -Big files editing up to 2GBytes...
Use SiteMan to create your own site.
...SSI and PHP even if your hosting doesn?t support it. - Edit template properties and page properties with...
DSV PHP Editor
It is a program for creating, editing and debugging PHP scripts.
...PHP Editor is a program for creating, editing and debugging PHP scripts, HTML, CSS, Java Script and SQL pages...
Many more Options that you ever dreamed of

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