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The tools in this category help you get every piece of information about the nutritional values of every recipe you cook and every meal you have. They also let you calculate caloric intakes, manage recipe books, track your weight, and so on.

Checking Nutritional Information download selection is a descendant of our Nutritional Value Calculator by Leonard Moore customized for you:

Diet Pro
Radium Technologies, Inc.
Diet and weight management software with nutritional analysis and much more.
...meals and exercise, organize your recipes, get nutritional information and graph results. Other features include inventory...
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Recipe Catalog
Owl King Publishing
...and gives you detailed nutrition information. It also al... store recipes and nutrition information. Manage the quality of ...Recipe Catalog provides detailed nutrition information on each recipe that...
Diet Sleuth
Black Cat Systems
Keeps track of what food you eat each day, and the nutritional value. can enter nutritional information for your own custom ...with the nutritional information automatically calculated, based on...
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Track your diets in detail with this free and powerful application.
...those people who really takes their nutrition seriously, then I'm sure that will need to enter information on your daily food intake...
There is a big database of food with its nutritional info
Generates detailed reports about your diets
Open Source
It's not easy to use at the beginning
Food Storage Planner
Revelar, Inc.
It helps you plan your household purchasing and manage your food storage. storage. It will maximize nutritional quality and eliminate waste ...vendors, shelf life, location, nutrition, and so on. Food Storage...
Easy to use
Help to eliminate waste
For short and long term food storage period
Requires much time to enter the information and keep it up to date
Shop'NCook Menu
Rufenacht Innovative
The Smart Solution For Your Meal Planning And Grocery Shopping. interprets the recipes and yields the nutritional analysis automatically. You plan your meals by...
MasterCook is a handy application that includes an extensive list of recipes.
...recipe for any occasion. Moreover, it includes a nutritional analysis tools which track fats, cholesterol, calories...
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Great variety of recipes. Allows you to adjust recipes for different occasions or lifestyles. Videos. Step-by-step instructions
Does not support Vista
Nutritionist Pro
It provides thorough nutrient analysis of diets, menus and recipes.
Nutritionist Pro is a program that provides thorough nutrient analysis of diets, menus and recipes. It comes with an accurate, up-to-date...

Some Checking Nutritional Information downloads, not featured in Nutritional Value Calculator



OFF4Fit schedules breaks, letting you exercise in front of your PC.
...of your desktop , with the information of the last break and ...schedules assigned, you could just check the different exercises provided by...
Easy to Use
Easy to Install
Great Graphics
Support only on Windows Operating Systems
WHO Anthro

WHO Anthro

WHO Anthro provides information about the physical development of children.
...for three main corresponding purposes: to collect nutritional information about a specific individual child, to monitor their...
It offers detailed datasheets
It provides clear results of the analysed data
WHO AnthroPlus
WHO AnthroPlus helps you keep track of the children's growth.
...calculator, Individual assessment and Nutritional survey. This program will and evaluate detailed information regarding the growth of...
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User-friendly interface
Access to fast and accurate results
Allows you to store and export medical records
If you wish to apply changes made in the Settings menu, you need to restart the application
Recipe Calc

Recipe Calc

Have the complete control of your daily meals, eat healthy. you to calculate your nutritional value for meal or for share with you some interesting information regarding this software. You can...
Free per 20 days
You have to work a little bit to start your own database, then it will be easy
Nutrition Maker Focus
Create nutritional recommendations for your clients.
...a professional image and helps you retain clients. Nutrition Maker is fast, easy to use, and...
FeedLIVE Trial
Use FeedLIVE to formulate your feed formulation in a minute. use in your formula, specify your nutritional requirement, add ingredients and its limitation (if...

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