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Applications from this category are useful for gathering information about network traffic on the computer and display real time statistics about adapter's bandwidth usage. They can also show the upload and download speed, daily or total traffic, or which process is causing traffic. Another feature that these applications offer and which is very helpful is the ability to set a bandwidth limit.

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Bandwidth Monitor
Bandwidth Monitor is a bandwidth meter and monitor app which displays traffic. or your network. Bandwidth Monitor shows you choose. Bandwidth Monitor allows the user...
Most relevant in Network Bandwidth Monitor
Many customization options
Evaluation version does not provide all the features of the program
NBMonitor Network Bandwidth Monitor
Nsasoft US LLC
NBMonitor tracks your Internet bandwidth upload and downloads usage.
...bandwidth (upload and downloads) usage, monitors connections and network adapter's bandwidth...
Bandwidth Usage Monitor
Gaurav Dhup
Bandwidth Usage Monitor keeps track of your broadband data usage.
Bandwidth Usage Monitor is the latest offering ...Daily/Monthly limit and monitor easily on the main...
Monitor Bandwidth Usage Software
This is a tool for real-time monitoring of the Internet bandwidth.
Monitor Bandwidth Usage Software is a tool for real-time monitoring of the Internet bandwidth. It...
Easy to use
Very simple design
The bandwidth graph doesn't have many details


This program is a powerful and reliable bandwidth meter.
...and accurate job. It allows monitoring bandwidth consumption in order to alert...
Comes with comprehensive statistics
Allows setting various alarms
Easy-to-use and unobtrusive display
ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter
ShaPlus Software
It allows you to monitor in real time the Internet bandwidth usage.
...a limited bandwidth broadband or an ADSL connection. This network monitoring tool installation...
It allows you to significantly reduce your bandwidth usage by imposing several Internet browsing constraints
It offers a simple mode to monitor your bandwidth usage
It doesn't provide an option to restrict your access to the Internet when a superior value of bandwidth usage has been reached
Bandwidth Meter
ThreeZee Software
Bandwidth Meter 2001 is a compact freeware program to monitor ...your TCP/IP network...
Bandwidth Meter 2001 is a compact freeware program to monitor your TCP/IP network connections...
Latest comments:
Panda Antivirus refuses to load this program. States it contains 'malware'.
Bandwidth Daemon
Bandwidth Daemon is an advanced network bandwidth monitor .
...advanced network bandwidth monitor for Windows 2000/XP. Rather than counting the bandwidth from...
DU Meter
Hagel Technologies Ltd.
DU Meter is a network utility that allows you to monitor your bandwidth usage.
DU Meter is a network utility that monitors your bandwidth usage from/to Internet as...
Most popular in Network Bandwidth Monitor Most downloaded in Network Bandwidth Monitor
Allows you to know your bandwidth usage at a glance
Allows you to know the programs that are sending or receiving information
You can create numerous reports and notifications
Its most powerful functions are mostly designed for experts and network administrators
Bandwidth Reporter
PPP Infotech Ltd.
It is useful to network administrators to monitor LAN IP traffic.
...also monitors network usage on any network interfaces installed in your computer. Bandwidth Reporter...
Crysnet Bandwidth Manager
control and monitor network bandwidth by applying rules(filters).
...these problems. By monitoring your network traffic and limiting the bandwidth, the software...
X-NetStat Professional
Fresh Software LLC
Monitor your Internet and network connections. With IP-Lookup tools & more. much bandwidth/traffic the connection ...on network conditions, a comprehensive Network Statistics...
SoftPerfect Research
Know exactly how much bandwidth you are consuming. much bandwidth you are consuming. This monitor run ...such events as network down or exceedingly...
Most recent in Network Bandwidth Monitor
Easy to configure. Alerts on specified events. Textual and graphical info. Filters traffic usage by specified programs. No high impact on RAM usage
Provides less info than other applications available
Nsasoft, LLC.
NBMonitor allows you to keep track of your network bandwidth. Nsasoft. NB stands for "Network Bandwidth" Monitor, and that is exactly what...
Lets you know your download rate
Requires Winpcap
ISA Monitor

ISA Monitor

ISA Monitor is a program for Microsoft ISA Server that allows you to control.
ISA Monitor is a program ...for monitoring the efficiency of your company's Internet bandwidth usage...
Network Traffic Monitor
Nico Cuppen Software
It is an excellent tool for all technical freaks and network Admins.
...amazing program named Network Traffic Monitor. Very quickly ...information about the network traffic to...
It is an analytic software, it notifies the user when the traffic increases
Exports data to Excel file or a text File
It is very small in size and can be downloaded easily
Supports only windows XP SP 2, server 2003 and Vista
IP Traffic Monitor
Skyward Software Co.
It is a bandwidth monitor that allows you to analyze Internet traffic.
...IP Traffic Monitor provides you with detailed analysis about network bandwidth usage. It...

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