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Music is a significant part of our life. We listen to music everywhere - cars, houses, clubs, offices. If you want to download favorite albums without any problems the programs listed below is just for you. Some of these programs allow you not only download tracks but also manage your music collection and burn them on CD and DVD.

Download Music Albums download selection is a descendant of our Music Downloader by Daniela Stiglitz customized for you:

eMusic Download Manager
This tool allows you to manage your downloads from eMusic's online music store.
...find and buy your favorite music, either single songs or entire albums. eMusic Download Manager tool is the client app that you can install on your PC for managing all your eMusic...
Most relevant in Download Music Albums
Very easy to use
Allows you to synchronize your downloads with several popular media players
Allows you to pause or clear all your downloads at once, with a simple click
Cannot be used independently from eMusic's online music store
Free Music Zilla
Free Music Zilla helps you download your favorite music with ease.
Most music sharing websites don't offer you download links and you have to acquire the songs in order to listen on your computer or iPod. Free M...
Intuitive interface
Supports a wide range of browsers
Communicates well with websites like LastFM, MySpace, etc
Unable to adjust the settings for the downloaded files (convert, change quality, etc.)


It is a music searcher that uses different search engines to search for music. you can extract audio from YouTube videos. You can playback any song before downloading - Songr automatically connects to the song's URL. One disadvantage I found is that you c...
You can search music by single track, album name, and song lyrics
You can also extract audio from YouTube videos
You can only make one search at a time


Apple Inc.
iTunes is a cross-platform media player and music organizer.
...l it is. And now I can say that it can even be used as a player, not only as a music organizer. I didn't notice that it worked faster for me and I think that the features that hav...
Most popular in Download Music Albums Most downloaded in Download Music Albums
It seems to have become lighter and faster
Improved search
iCloud playback syncing
It is still rather heavy and resources consuming
Bingo' Soft
VkAudioDownloader is a music searcher and downloader.
VkAudioDownloader is a music searcher and downloader. It connects to the VK social network to find the song...
Lyric support
Listening to songs is a smooth experience
Parts remain untranslated


Zune 3.0 is the latest release for the software for Microsoft Zune MP3 Player.
...ust a visually appealing way to offer recommendations and help us discover new music. The interface is now more attractive than the Zune 2.5. The window has shadows, the botto...
free. Better interface. New view "now playing"
Support for third party formats could be improved


Spotify AB
Spotify is a music player designed to play music from Spotify's library.
... you are not connected to the Internet: when you are online, you can decide to download some titles on your computer, so that they are available in offline mode. Yet, you will ma...
Sleek interface
High quality songs
Huge music library
No desktop widget


iMesh Inc.
iMesh is a free P2P music-related solution with a whole set of utilities.
...ation provides video and audio players, so we can instantly view those videos, download, and burn them. It is possible to view the artists' fan list, including their individual pr...
Fast searching
Video&Audio Player
Requires registration


Musiclab, LLC.
This is a file sharing application and also a media player., and it’s completely free. By using BearShare, you are able to search and download various audio tracks from the Internet, manage your music collection, play songs and videos...
Includes a media player
Supports video formats
Free program
Installs unnecessary software
Legalsounds Download Manager
An application that will help you download the songs you buy from Legalsounds.
... able to listen to the melodies that you buy, you will need a tool to help you download them. Legalsounds Music Downloader is the solution that you require. As its name shows, ...
It lets you determine the number of simultaneous download
The program allows you to navigate its home site directly from its interface
It lets you pause and resume your downloads
Its main window is not fully resizable: its width won't go below 1033 pixels


MediaDrug is a free application to download songs and full albums.
MediaDrug is a free music downloader for Windows. The application works in a very simple manner, giving you an access to thous...
Works very well
Nice interface with drag and drop support
All my searches got results
It would be great if the app displayed album covers and art
SoundCloud Downloader
PC Gizmos LTD
SoundCloud Downloader allows you to downloa music from Soundtrack.
SoundCloud Downloader allows you to download music without limits per track. Additionally, you will get recomme...
Latest comments:
Notwiththe Fakeshit
I love SoundCloud because my son is a rapper and he uploads all his music there. I have the app...
e-mix Cover Downloader
cbl electronics inc.
A free software to download CD covers from the internet.
e-mix Cover Downloader is a free software to download CD covers from the internet. The application is able to au...
Super Mp3 Download
Super MP3 Download
Download and share audio and music files for free.
Super MP3 Download is a music downloading program which specifically searches for MP3 songs from a big music n...
Plays audio before downloading
Finds almost every artist
Great download and searching speeds
Free version has limited downloads per day

Some Download Music Albums downloads, not featured in Music Downloader

Wedding Album Maker Gold
It helps you create photo albums and burn them to CD or DVD.
.... Another interesting feature is the one that enables you to add background music and transition effects to your album. The tool allows you to trim an existing audio file or re...
Image editor
Preview function
Supports background music
At first, the interface seems to be cluttered and difficult to use


ALSong is your LIVE SONG LYRICS source for your computer.
...Ds and more -Create Mixed Music Albums - Organize portable music -Free Music Downloads - Get free music in ALSong albums -Cool Video Help - Watch videos to learn cool things th...
All the features are 100% complete
Nero MediaHome
Nero MediaHome allows you to manage, play and stream media files.
...diting, slideshow creation, burning, syncing, and sharing. - Free and easy to download. - Organize photos and videos with GeoTags. - Instant access to the cloud with integrated...
Most recent in Download Music Albums
Streaming media files
Friendly-using, intiutive categorization of media files
Feature limited 15 days trial version
All-in-one tagging and renaming tool to keep all your music neatly organized.
...those in the new ID3v2.4 set, and connects with freedb, Amazon, and Discogs to download artwork and tag content. The program’s functionality is divided into three main sectio...
Comprehensive yet easy-to-navigate interface
Extensive set of extra tools
Support for all known ID3 tags

It is a neat application that helps you listen to a whole universe of music. is a comprehensive music recommendation service. Last.Fm comes with a desktop program, "Scrobbler", that enables you to...
It lets you build "stations" that play only the music that you like. You can have different personalized stations according to your mood on a particular day
The personalization options are only available for subscribers, ant that cost about 4 dollars


Feature-rich app to tag your music files and keep your collection organized.
...ent and transformations in tags and filenames. Also you may get album info and download covers via online databases like freedb, Amazon, Discogs or MusicBrainz. You can create pla...
Wide range of features and functions
Attractive interface
Templates to rename music files
Online searches lack accuracy at times

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