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There are times when you need to make a presentation with all the things you do on a computer screen. These programs can record everything on the screen plus all mouse movements. Besides recording, you can also automate mouse movements based on the recording data that was captured.

Mouse Recording download selection by Robert Polubinski. February 18, 2015

Jitbit Macro Recorder
JitBit Software
It records and plays keypresses and mouse movement and clicks.
...It records and plays keypresses and mouse movement ...program because I can record macros of my routine...
It save you a lot of time on repetitive tasks
I didn't find any
Advanced Key And Mouse Recorder
You can use this program to record keyboard and mouse actions.
Advanced Key And Mouse Recorder is a useful application which records keyboard and mouse actions to...
Most recent in Mouse Recording
Easy to use
It comes with tutorials
Mouse Recorder
Records all your mouse actions, and then repeat all the actions accurately.
Mouse Recorder is the best Mouse Record Tool. It can record all your mouse actions, and then...
Axife Mouse Recorder
Axife Software
...Mouse Recorder is a very easy to use tool, which lets you record mouse movements, mouse...
Mouse Recorder Pro
It records and replays all mouse movements and keystrokes.
Mouse Recorder Pro is a powerful tool that records and replays mouse movements and keystrokes. This...
New features and improved features
Mouse Scrolling problem been fixed
FastStone Capture
FastStone Soft
Capture your screen and save it as an image file or as a video.
...the mouse click events. During the video recording ...taking screenshots or recording on-screen video...
Most downloaded in Mouse Recording
Includes its own image editor
Captures specific windows or objects
Captures freehand areas of your screen
Supports WMV video format only
Macro Toolworks
Pitrinec Software
Macro software with recorder and scheduler. Automate tasks in any app or web.
...users to record macros, create ...recorded in the recorder (both keyboard and mouse events are recorded...
Easy Video Capture
Video Capture Info
Easy Video Capture will let you record your screen activity.
...mouse. It is even possible to use this program to record start recording your screen activity...
It is very easy to use
Apis Ceratina
Apis Ceratina is a Windows application for recording and replaying macros.
...Intelligent software to record, replay and schedule keyboard and mouse activities. With...
MouseRobot is an automation programmer for Windows. called Macro recording. MouseRobot graphical ...keyboard and the mouse recording options. To create...
Quite a complete set of recording options
Not very intuitive
BSR Screen Recorder
A software program allowing you to easily record your screen.
...For example, while recording your screen, you ...and the recording device. After you recorded your...
Many features
Professional render
Zoom in & zoom out feature
1st Screen Recorder
1st Screen Recorder is a screen-capture utility for Windows.
...recording. Both audio and video get recorded, though (however, audio recording ...screen recording. The...
Nice cursor options
Good-quality videos
Not the best-looking interface of all times
SolveigMM HyperCam
Solveig Multimedia
Screencast and editing smart and easy to use tool.
...movies or games recording for professional ...sound recording - Ability to disable cursor recording ...
My Screen Recorder Pro
Deskshare Inc.
Allows you to capture the activity on your screen and save it as a video file.
...join your recorded videos, highlight the mouse actions, schedule automatic recordings, and draw...
Easy to use
Capable of capturing the audio stream coming from your speakers and/or microphone
Allows you to capture your entire screen or a specific area
Doesn't allow you to capture screenshots
EZ Screen Recorder
EZ Screen Recorder captures your screen activity and saves it on an AVI file.
...tor the sound, the recording format and quality show the mouse pointer while recording, or not...
It is very easy to create videos by using this program
Super Screen Recorder
ZeallSoft, Inc.
Zeallsoft Super Screen Recorder is a handy screen capture application.
...manuals. Super Screen Recorder has an intuitive also possible to record any sounds via a...
Intuitive interface
Customizable options
Audio/video compressors
Not free
AimOne Screen Recorder
This program allows you to record on-screen video and sound. are watching online, to record mouse movements, messenger conversations and more...
It allows you to record video and sound
It's extremely easy to use
It supports saving your files as AVI and WMV files
ZD Soft Screen Recorder
ZD Soft
Create high quality video tutorials, share game plays, and screen activity.
...Soft Screen Recorder is a software to record screen and ...output formats. I recorded game plays, took...
Most popular in Mouse Recording
Creates high resolution videos with plenty of detail
Records game plays and captures screen activity
Make video tutorials
Watermark will be present on your recorder videos
Easy Screen Recorder
Longfine Software
Capture screen activities into AVI movies.
...timestamp, highlights mouse-click areas with ...Scree Recorder is a powerful video recording software...
Mouse Keyboard Recorder
Mouse Keyboard recorder is software for recording mouse and keyboard event.
Mouse Keyboard recorder is software for recording mouse and keyboard event and savable...

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