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This set contains comprehensive finances management applications that will help you track and analyze any budget, for any time interval. They come with handy additional features such as currency conversions, support for multiple accounts, etc.

Money Manager download selection by David Wardle. March 05, 2015

Microsoft Money
Powerful tool oriented to personal and home accounting managment.
...belongs to the Microsoft Money Suite family. It i ...use tool for the management of home accounting...
Most popular in Money Manager Most downloaded in Money Manager
It allows banking updates and online automatic payments
Web style screens to ease its usage
It imports and exports bank movements’ files, and exports files for tax programs
It doesn’t convert Quiken files or earlier versions of Money
Money Manager Ex
Money Manager EX
Free, open-source, cross-platform, easy-to-use personal finance software.
...your financial worth. Money Manager includes all the ...can use everyday. Money Manager Ex runs on...


Max Programming, S.L.
iCash is a program that will help you manage your home or office finances.
...purpose Personal Finance Manager tool for Macintosh ...have as many money manager documents as necessary...
Multilingual installer
Charting feature
Scheduled transactions feature
The charting feature is difficult to use
Simple Home Budget
Budget software will show where your money is going right down to the penny. a personal budget manager for home users. The ...practical value for managing your budget.
Simple Money Manager Pro
SMM was designed to enter or import your data as quickly as possible.
...helper to manage your finances, Simple Money Manager is for you. Simple Money Manager was...
Easy Cash Manager
Moor Computer Productions
Easy Cash Manager is a simple book-keeping program.
...expenses. Easy Cash Manager is meant for people ...who just want to manage their financial stuff...
very easy to use
AceMoney Lite
MechCAD Software
Organize and manage your personal finances in an easy way.
...way you spend your money. You can generate ...version allows you to manage two accounts only. But...
Most relevant in Money Manager
Track spendings
Different languages and currencies
Only for Windows systems
Home Credit Card Manager
Credit Card Budget - Home Money Manager
Home Credit Card Manager is a personal finance program for Windows.
...Home Credit Card Manager is most effective ...a plain credit card management software. But it lacks...
Java version available
Simple and easy to use
No security
iMoney Lite

iMoney Lite

iMoneysoft Inc
If you are looking for organization of your finances iMoney is just for you.
...expense and income; - managing income and expense categories; ...see where your money goes. Moreover...
Easy to use
Good graphics
Not found
Moneysoft Money Manager
Moneysoft Ltd.
With this tool you can keep track of your income and expenditure, bank accounts.
...schools, churches, clubs, home accounts. Money Manager Personal Edition is designed for...
Easy Money
Clintonville Software
Easy Money is a personal finance software for Windows.
...over time. For Easy Money to be of any ...the transaction in. Easy Money will then add that transaction...
Good for the most basic of uses
Ugly interface
Personal Portfolio Manager
OWL Software
And PPM tracks and charts the net worth of your portfolios.
...used by individual investors and money managers on five continents. Completely redesigned...
A Personal Finance Manager
Accessory Software
A Personal Finance Manager is a Free Program allowing you Organize your Finances.
...Personal Finance Manager is a ...Compatible with a Personal Information Manager. - Set up any number...
Most recent in Money Manager
Alzex Personal Finance Pro
Alzex software
This application can help you manage your finances.
...can help you manage your finances. Thi ...creating budgets, and managing loans. All in all...
It has a nice and intuitive interface
It supports multiple databases and accounts
It lets you use various currencies and exchange rates
The trial version shows irritating screens too frequently
Personal Finance Manager
Personal Finance Manager helps you calculate your income and expenses.
Personal Finance Manager is an application that helps...
Unlimited number of accounts and transactions between accounts
Personal Finances
Alexandr Shirokov.
It enables anyone to manage personal income and expenses with ease.
...enables anyone to manage personal income and ...understand where your money is going, pinpoint...

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