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Microsoft Office is a software pack including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access developed by the Microsoft company. It is the most popular productivity suite for the Windows operating systems. The listed applications are various addons for MS Office that will help you extend its functionality.

Microsoft Office Extension download selection is a descendant of our Microsoft Office Plugin by Nordine Bjerke customized for you:

Microsoft Office Sounds
A plugin for the Microsoft Office package that associates actions with sounds.
...deactivate the plugin at any time. Briefly, Microsoft Office Sounds is a useful add-in that comes...
Most relevant in Microsoft Office Extension
Useful to those who prefer that feedback given by an utility be not only visual but audio also
Since it will overlap sounds from other applications (such as music players), you may have to deactivate it quite often
Easy Survey
MAPILab Ltd.
Microsoft Office add-in, designed for survey creation and conducting.
...any skilled user of Microsoft Office can now run surveys in a software package for Microsoft Office Pro, designed for survey creation...
Advanced Consolidation Manager
Office Assistance LLC
Add-on for advanced table merging and data consolidating in MS Excel 2000-2007.
...standard data consolidation in Microsoft Excel, Advanced Consolidation worksheets in different Microsoft Excel files. For example...
Jive Connects For Microsoft Office
Jive Software
With the Jive Connects plugin, users can keep in sync with community.
...Connects for Microsoft Office plugin, users can keep their Microsoft documents in ...and edit document in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint...
Lawson Add-ins for Microsoft® Office
Lawson Software
Users can access Lawson data directly from Word to create queries and reports.
...the Lawson Business Intelligence tool's integration with Microsoft Office, users can access Lawson data directly from...
Simple Print Plugin
SEIKO EPSON Corporation
A plug-in module for Microsoft Office application to print easily.
...Plug-in is a plug-in module for Microsoft Office application to print easily. Operating Systems: Windows...
Remove Duplicates from Excel
Office Assistance LLC
The add-on is designed for searching and processing duplicates in Excel tables.
...processing duplicated cells in Microsoft Excel tables. Program key ...the corresponding button on the Microsoft Excel toolbar. 2. Search across...
Similar Data Finder for Excel
Office Assistance LLC
This add-on helps you to find cells with similar values in Excel worksheets. find cells with similar values in Microsoft Excel 2000-2007 worksheets. The program enables...
Topaz MSOffice Plug-In
Topaz Systems, Inc.
Topaz provides electronic signature plug-ins for common document software.
...Basic for a complete, integrated installation of SigPlus, Office, and Acrobat plug-ins.
Convert XLS to PDF For Excel
8848SOFT, Inc
Program that integrates with Microsoft Excel to convert xls files to pdf format. convert documents from MS Office Excel to the PDF file ...a simple toolbar that integrates with Microsoft Excel and allows to create PDF...
Easy to install and use. Integrates with Excel
Some problems when converting graphics
Plug AlQuran for Ms Word
Taufiq Product, Inc.
This program will add new menu "Al-Quran" on your microsoft word application.
...add new menu "Al-Quran" on your microsoft word application. You can insert ayah of ...can be installed for all major Windows Office packages.
Latest comments:
noor hossain
I need Bengali translation.
Subtextual for Microsoft Office Outlook
Subtextual - add additional information to selected individuals of an email.
Subtextual is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook designed to empower email users by...

Some Microsoft Office Extension downloads, not featured in Microsoft Office Plugin

Microsoft Office 2016
Comprehensive suite to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc., Microsoft Office is hard to understand without Office 365. Microsoft Office 2016 ...and enjoy their extensive functionality just like in...
Most popular in Microsoft Office Extension
Worlwide de-facto standard for all kinds of documents
Multi-device and multi-user support
OneDrive online storage
No drawbacks found
WPS Office 2016
A productivity office suite similar to Microsoft Office.
...editing package similar to MS Office. It offers a large number ...Fully compatible with Microsoft Office®. Supports English, German and Russian...
State-of-the-art ribbon-based interfaces
Extensive choice of downloadable templates
Converts all types of documents to PDF and reads PDF files
FastStone Capture
Capture images and videos of your computer screen.
FastStone Capture is a lightweight screen capture tool and screen video recorder. It allows you to easily capture and annotate anything on...
Most recent in Microsoft Office Extension
Various ways to select a screen region
Captures scrolling areas
Comes with built-in video and image editors
Captures scrolling areas with some imprecisions
PDF Converter Pro
Converts more than 500 different document formats into PDF or PDF/A files.
...intuitive to browse this extensive list of file type ...suites of tools, such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop...
Most downloaded in Microsoft Office Extension
Supports more than 500 file formats for the input
Fast conversion process
Converts to PDF and PDF/A files
Settings are applied to all items on the conversion list
Nitro Reader

Nitro Reader

Nitro Reader allows viewing, protecting and converting PDFs.
...its interface resembles those of Microsoft Office products. In this regard JPG is the only extension supported. Another way to extract...
It is very easy to use
It has a nice interface
It allows converting various file types into PDF
When exporting to images, it doesn´t allow selecting an extension
Microsoft Office Access Developer Extensions
It deploy and manage solutions built using Microsoft Access. internal developer, the Access 2007 Developer Extensions can facilitate the deployment and management of...

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