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Metric is a widely-used system of measurement, initially based on the meter and kilogram, but now used for many other types of units besides those two. These applications allow converting units between the metric measurement system and other systems, such as imperial, US customary, natural, or non-standard systems.

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Free Unit Converter
Unit Conversion, Inc.
Free Unit Converter is a measurement unit converter for Windows.
...very often. Free Unit Converter has a very basic ...listed under system (metric, British, Japanese, etc...
Most downloaded in Metric Converter
Lots of information
Easy to use
Bloated user interface
Universal Converter
Noël Danjou
Universal Converter converts to and from many UK, US and metric units.
...Converter allows you to convert to and from many UK, US and metric...
32bit Convert It
Convert from the standard system to metric system and backwards fast and easily.
...that uses the metric system. 32bit Convert It is a wish to convert into the respective box...
It is very simple to use, and very useful even for its size
It would be nice to be able to do some mathematic operations within this program
CAST software
archCalc is a mixed unit decimal and fraction calculator.
...english and metric units of measurement, perform basic calculations, convert between units...
Density Unit Converter
A simple free tool to convert between nearly all known units of density.
...metric and imperial. Besides, when the density to be converted ...Density Unit Converter is not a...
Most relevant in Metric Converter
A clear and simple interface for easy and straightforward conversions
Convert It!
SMI Corporation
It is probably the most customizable unit conversion utility .
...units per group. Convert metric to customary (or ...and radiation density. Convert It! even allows...
Metric Convertor
SJW Computer Resources
Metric Converter helps in converting between metric and imperial units.
Metric Converter belongs to a type ...the man window of Metric Converter contains interesting facts from...
Poor design
BE Film Calculator
Brampton Engineering
It converts to and from metric and imperial units.
...per roll. It converts to and from metric and imperial units. It...
Latest comments:
Tan KS
A good calculator.
WoodWare created an easy-to-use wood calculator.
...convert your figures to imperial and metric ...Calculate MBF - Convert Lumber Measurements - Lumber...


ShowMe Software
Prokon is an amazing conversion and informational utility.
...on conversions between the metric and Imperial (English unit, the converted value is updated...
Most popular in Metric Converter Most recent in Metric Converter
Useful and easy to use
Several elements of the user interface (e.g. colors) are somewhat hard to read


Qivx Inc
UCon is a professional Units Conversion Calculator capable of converting.
...capable of converting between ...converting units between different systems (such as English and Metric...
Unit Converter
Johannes Wallroth
Unit Converter is intended for converting different measurement units.
...called Decimal Metric System, many ...complex operation. Unit Converter is a software application...
It is easy to use
Conversion Tables
Grau Software
Convert metric and standard measurements instantly!
...ten gallons? Conversion Tables will convert most metric and standard measurements instantly...
Unit Converter EX
Unit Converter that supports conversion of various units and measurements. make easy metric conversion between variou ...selected by you. Unit Converter EX is a simple...

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