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A magnifying glass is an optical lens, used for producing a magnified image of an object. In the context of the information technologies, the term 'magnifying glass' refers to programs, enabling their user to zoom selected screen regions. Quite often, the interface design of these applications is skeuomorphic, imitating the appearance of real-world magnifying glasses.

The presented software collection features a number of desktop magnifying-glass applications.

Magnifying Glass App download selection by Keath Wyszynski. May 14, 2015

Virtual Magnifying Glass
Chris O'Donnell, Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho, Harri Pyy
A digitalmagnifying class to help you view the screen in detail. program, Virtual Magnifying Glass, helps u ...implies, a digital magnifying glass. It is really...
Most popular in Magnifying Glass App
Allows to observe details of the screen like using a real magnifying glass
Can be easily used
Different modes to work with
I didn't found any disadvantages
Moo0 Magnifier
Moo0 Magnifier is a screen magnification tool for Windows computers.
...skeptical about trying yet another magnifier for Windows. They all seem...
Easy to use
Magical Glass
FreeStone Group
Magical Glass enables you to replace your boring cursor with a screen magnifier.
Magical Glass is a tiny but ...internal cursor, update frame, magnifier size and other general options...
Many customizable hotkeys
Easy to use
Includes a few plugins
Unattractive user interface
Lens - magnifying glass
ABF software
Lens - magnifying glass is a utility for zooming in a part of your screen.
Lens - magnifying glass is an ...program provides a large magnifying glass with simple buttons to zoom...
Very simple user interface
Seven zoom levels
None was found
Super Magnify
Kevin Solway
it was designed to help users zoom in to specific areas of the screen.
...the ability to magnify the desktop by ...maintain detail when magnifying. Super Magnify provides a very...
Magnifier Powertoy for Windows XP
Little application to magnify a part of the screen in the Windows taskbar.
...the operating system. Magnifier works as an ...’s necessary to have Magnifier running before doing that...
It's available for free
It's produced by Microsoft, so it's supposed to work fine on Windows
It's easy-to-use and offers different zoom levels
The magnified area could be very small
Magnify Desktop
Coder Ltd.
It has sophisticated options to customize and adjust it according to your needs.
...watchmaker - big magnifying lens revealing ...solution is Desktop Magnifier, with sophisticated options...


Blacksun Software
Magnifixer is a powerful screen magnifying utility.
...the screen position by magnifying the area where ...the cursor. This magnifying tool can be placed...
Most recent in Magnifying Glass App
Clear display
Magnifying Glass
Workers Collection
Magnifying Glass is an accessibility tool for Windows computers.
...quality of magnification will be. Magnifying Glass can be activated by right...
Most downloaded in Magnifying Glass App
Lots of options
The zoom factor can be changed
Hotkey support
Magnification square can sometimes act up

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