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Using any program from this set will help you to easily organize your music collection and create lists of your mp3 libraries. You can keep track of all your audio tracks, edit music tags, create different playlists according to the genre, find songs quickly and much more.

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mp3 List Maker De Luhe
Miodrag Malovic-
Create a list of your mp3's.
...NOTE: by registering mp3 List Maker De Luhe, you ...NOTE: by registering mp3 List Maker De Luhe, you...
Latest comments:
How can I download this software? :sorry:
Pistonsoft MP3 Tags Editor
Pistonsoft MP3 Tags Editor is a powerful audio file tags organizer.
...directly in the list cells. This makes the MP3, OGG or the list cells. This makes the MP3, OGG or...
File List Creator
It's a little utility that can help you manage and keep track of all your files.'s a file list maker, a data base, a mass MP3 renamer, a MP3 playlist maker and a mass ID3...
Where Is It?
Robert Galle
WhereIsIt is a program that allows the user to create a categorized catalog.
...the user with an organized list or catalog, of the available...
Highly customizable
Multilanguage support
Supports lots of plugins
This version it's quite old and obsolete


Nullsoft Inc.
Winamp player is designed to cover the large area of media file types.
...most common ones such as *.mp3, *.wma, *.mp4 and *.avi, or...
Most audio and video media files are supported
If loading a very large file, it will have a small loading period
It's hard to manage playlists
Windows Media Player
A powerful and convenient media manager from Microsoft.
...are quite obvious, Jump Lists need explanations. They ...; in addition, Jump Lists can be customized to...
Most popular in MP3 List Maker Most downloaded in MP3 List Maker
Pre-installed in Windows
Built-in audio and video codecs
Extended and simplified media sharing across the network and the Internet
Some useful features are not included (e.g. party mode)
Zortam Mp3 Media Studio
Powerful ripper, converter and mp3 file manipulator.
...Autotagging, CD ripper, Mp3 tagging or a Track ...that automatically identifies mp3 files and adds...
Has a built-in Mp3 player
Comes with a Volume Normalizer feature
Has an auto-tagging feature
Lacks various audio format support
Music Collector
Collectorz Team
Catalog your CD, vinyl, tapes and other music media with this program.
...Get artist, title, full song lists, genre, label, cover art, etc...
Most recent in MP3 List Maker
Easy to use
Automatically downloads information about the media
The cost is not very affordable
Mp3nity lets you convert audio files, edit them, and download pictures for them.
...all of your Mp3 files' information, including ...format. The application supports Mp3, WMV, WMA, OGG...
Allows to edit multiple tags at a time
It lets you edit your audio files
It supports various formats
Ultra Tag Editor
Atelio Software
Use Ultra Tag Editor to organize your music file collections.
...VORBIS COMMENTS) files and MP3 ( ID3vl, ID3vl2.2, ID3vl2 ...tags. Edit genre list Fill track numbers...
Ease of use
Mp3/Tag Studio
Brading Software & Security
A comprehensive tool to manage and organize your entire MP3 collection.
...renaming from a customized list (contained in a text ...kind of jobs, like MP3 trimming, repairing, and...
Easy to use
Comprehensive set of tools
Normal and advanced modes
A little banner outside the program's main window, on the trial version
Crawler Radio & MP3 Player
Crawler, LLC
A free program to listen to your favourite songs and radio stations. kept in the MP3 Player recently played list. If you want...
Easy to use
Light weight
Only one skin
MP3 Library Player
Organize, tag, play, list and catalogue music files for free.
...edit single or multiple MP3 header tags and ...and such features as list printing, beats analyzer...
Organizes music
Retrieves artist info from the web
Adds lyrics and art
Zortam ID3 Tag Editor
Zortam Corporation
Comprehensive tool to add, edit and enhance the ID3 tags of your MP3 collection.
...contained in your MP3 files, but also ...rename your entire MP3 collection using the existing...
Most relevant in MP3 List Maker
Extensive range of tag-related tools and functions
Links with your default media player
Support for M3U playlists
The amount of information provided by the program's interface may be intimidating for new users
Music Library
Allows you to catalog and play any music files you have.
...program includes an internal MP3 player, Winamp or foobar2000 ...and generating the lists you wanted.
Very detailed music organiser
Music Manager
Music Manager Co.
Music Manager: Where to get a good Music Management Software? Manage music, automatically...
...manage music files and manage MP3 music in your music collection...
Latest comments:
This link is NOT the Google Music Manager! It downloads a manager that organizes your existing files, how...

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