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Changing the startup screen (the startup logo image) of your Windows system can be easily done with the help of Windows tweaking programs such as these. Some of them let you tweak your Windows system in many ways and change many of its features. These applications support a large number of image file formats to be used in order to replace the default Windows startup picture.

Logon Image Changer download selection by Sean Hill. March 05, 2015

Awesome Logon
Awesome Logon allows you to change the screen image of the Windows logon.
...the original Windows logon screen image. Besides selecting ...the Windows logon screen image. Just two...
Includes different themes of beautiful pictures of high quality
Choosing the quick installation option of the Setup Wizard will installs third-party applications automatically
Windows 7 Logon Background Changer
A tool to help you customize the background of your Windows 7 logon screen.
Windows 7 Logon Background Changer is a program ...will change the image on the logon screen. If you...
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It allows for fully customization of your logon screen
Pack Crystal XP
A shell pack/theme pack that changes the appearance of Windows XP.
...windows, start panel, buttons...) - the logon screen (the one who shows...
Fresh and elegant look
Could also include some mouse pointers
Logon Controller
Logon Controller is a system enhancement tool for Windows 7.
...to wallpaper-size images. I like the fact that Logon Controller takes control...
It works great
Lock computer function for previewing was a smart touch
Changer XP
Nihuo Software
Changer XP puts images as your boot screen, IE skin and desktop wallpaper.
...reduction with image dithering will ...logon screen changer. Desktop wallpaper changer. Screen changer...
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Download wallpapers from diff sites

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