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The following applications let you lock the access to a folder using a password. If the right password isn't provided, then that folder cannot be opened and its contents cannot be accessed. These tools are very useful when it comes to protecting confidential files.

Lock Folder with Password download selection by Alex Urbach. March 01, 2015

Folder Lock
NewSoftwares LLC
Password-protect your sensitive files, folders, drives, and even USB devices.
...accounts, credit cards, passwords and other login information, Folder Lock offers you its...
Most popular in Lock Folder with Password Most downloaded in Lock Folder with Password
Encrypt files on the fly when copying them to a locker
Protects USB drives and ZIP archives
Uses AES 256-bit encryption
Asks for an extra monthly fee to make use of Secure Backup
Protected Folder
This app protects the information stored in files and folders from prying eyes.
...open Protected Folder, you need to set a password for the ...contents never to be locked, you can add...
User-friendly interface
Easy to use
Fast locking of files and folders
Can't set distinctive passwords for different files and folder
Lock Folder XP
Everstrike Software
Helps you password-protect or hide important documents.
...could try Lock Folder XP ...password you assign to access Lock Folder XP and all locked files/folders...
Intuitive interface
Powerful file protection
You will be able to password-protect files, folders or entire drives
Slow performance of your computer when protecting system files
Secure Folder
SubiSoft Softwares
Lock, hide, and encrypt your local directories with ease.
...your private folders. You will need to enter a master password, an email...
Helps you lock, hide, and encrypt folders
Provides you with a solution for recovering forgotten master password
Implements 256-bit AES encryption
It might take a while to encrypt or decrypt folders
WinAbility Software Corp.
Intended to hide a given folder from web intruders.
...steps of selecting a folder and setting a password. Likewise, it i ...click to open or lock a folder.
Compatible with both NTFS and FAT32
Locks the folder after closing it
Remains active on Windows safe mode
Various secret folders not supported
Hide Files and Folders
It provides you with five strong protection methods for your files and folders.
...master password to open the protected file/folder. The ...to lock and unlock your files and folders...
Installs a VxD driver that works at Windows kernel level
Provides you with five effective methods to protect your files/folders
Includes a built-in file system navigator
Does not allow you to set different passwords for running the program and for file/folder protection
Folder Password Expert
ZQS Software Team
Protect and lock folders with Folder Password Expert! Protect your privacy.
...lock a folder; secondly select a folder and finally you will be asked to set a password...
Easy to use
No help needed
Effectively secures folders
Folder Password Protect
Password Protect Team
Folder Password Protect is a small utility to disable access to your folders.
...passwords should be at least 6 characters in length. You can only lock a folder...
It works quite well
Not the most intuitive interface
Alfa Folder Locker
Alfa programs
Fast and straightforward utility to lock your sensitive folders with a password.
...them or a different password each time. Locked folders remain locked forever, even if you...
Simple and clear interface
Integrates with Windows context menu
Straightforward functionality
Dull interface
Folder Security
Folder Security Software
Folder Security can protect folders in the computer using passwords.
...a folder, simply click Lock Folders, browse for the folder in question, enter your desired password...
SysTools Folder Lock
CoreDataTree Technology Private Limited
Prevent access to certain folders by locking them with this utility.
...a password can be used to lock a folder but that ...better job at locking a folder and denying access...
It's too easy to get access to locked folders
Folder Protection
Folder Protection Software
Folder Protection can protect your important and private data with a password.
...hands by locking it with a password. The program ...a locked folder for you temporarily and lock it...
Most relevant in Lock Folder with Password
Easy to use
Handy in size
Lack of features
Folder Locking
A small program to password-protect folders in a snap.
...program to work. When password-protecting a folder, I clicked on "Lock folder" button, hit Enter...
Could be a handy alternative to quickly lock folders
When I clicked on "Lock folder" nothing happens. So this program is useless


FSPro Labs
FlashCrypt is a file encryption and protection program for Windows folders.
...with FlashCrypt" and set a password; this creates a locked folder that looks like the...
Protects folder and volumes
256-bit AES Encryption
File compression
Not for Mac
V2 Softlogic Folder Security Lock
V2 Softlogic
V2Softlogic Folder Security lock can work in hidden mode.
...on lock to lock that folder. You can set your desired password for folder you...
Latest comments:
No customer service when need it. I have program and I need it now and it doesn't respond when I loaded t...
FolderArmor 3.0 is a perfect tool for providing protection of your personal data.
...protection. It uses mechanism of locking folders by password. Before the first start...
Friendly interface
Only one skin for interface
Folder Security Personal
Y0YS Software
Folder Security Personal 4.1 provides protection for your personal data.
...uses mechanism of locking folders by password. Choose it ...to use. To lock folder just move its’...
Easy-to-use interface
Stable work
Only one skin for interface
PC Security
Tropical Software
Lock down your system like never before. Have total control over your computer.
...Lock, Folder Lock, System Lock, Internet Lock, Shortcut/Program Lock, Restricted System, Window Lock...
Latest comments:
This app is an unwanted program Riskware/PCSecurity.
Folder Guard
WinAbility Software Corp.
Prevent unauthorized users from accessing your files and folders.
...to enter the master password. Furthermore, if ...your folders hidden. In my testing, Folder Guard...
Available in various languages
Can also protect system files
You can password-protect the program
A bit pricey
My Lockbox

My Lockbox

FSPro Labs
Hide and protect your most sensitive data using a master password.
...completed, that folder will be locked by default using your password as a key...
Most recent in Lock Folder with Password
Protects data even in Windows safe mode
Won't lock system-sensitive folders
Protects all subfolders inside a folder
The free trial protects one folder only

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