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If you're a language enthusiast, world traveler, whatever, you are most likely to know that when it comes to learn a new language, what may become a real passion for some people, may seem boring and tedious for others. That is why such applications as these presented ones have been designed to facilitate learning foreign languages and even make it more entertaining. All of them will surely seem to you quite effective and useful, in case you intend to learn Italian language (a Romance language spoken mainly in Europe).

Italian Dictionary download selection by Haley James. April 30, 2015



Lingoes Project
It is a dictionary to translate words or texts into various languages.
...Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and many others. The preinstalled dictionaries lets...
Most popular in Italian Dictionary Most recent in Italian Dictionary Most relevant in Italian Dictionary
Nicely-structured interface
Supports various languages
Translates both words or texts
When you translate long phrases, the translation may not be very accurate


LingoPad is a very useful and compact offline dictionary for Windows.
...translations. Some other dictionary options include support for Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese...
Option of defining a User Dictionary
None in particular
Anthony Goubard
JLearnIt features a multilingual and multiplatform translator and dictionary.
...a multilingual dictionary (English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Italian), and questionnaire...
Trial version
Far too many errors in all sections and all languages
My Translator
My Translator is a free offline multilingual translator.
...provides eight bilingual dictionaries in English-Russian ...French-English, and Italian-Russian. This...
Most downloaded in Italian Dictionary
Lots of dictionaries available
Instant translation
Possibility of adding new words, dictionaries
No words in upper case/capital


Pardon is a versatile dictionary, free and with powerful features.'s an English dictionary, but you can download dictionaries of Italian, Polish, Swedish...
Easy-to-use interface
You can download many other dictionaries


WebDicty is a small & easy-to-use dictionary that uses popular on-line resources.
...simple yet versatile dictionary that use ...German, French, Italian, Catalan, Basque, Portuguese...
You can search for definitions among 9 languages
The program shows related words to the word you were searching for
Italian-Spanish translation dictionary
A comprehensive dictionary for translating from Italian to Spanish and back.
...the opposite language. IdiomaX's Italian-Spanish Translation Dictionary is a very useful and...
Very comprehensive
Includes a conjugation feature
SlovoEd Compact English-Italian
Paragon Software
A Compact English-Italian dictionary and translation program.
...languages, the SlovoEd Compact English-Italian 6.4 dictionary and translation program will provide...
Features sound module pronunciation
Program size varies from main page to download page
Nicola Ottomano
A tool for quickly translating single words between the most popular languages.
...with just the English-Italian and Italian-English dictionaries, but there are plenty...
Easy to use
Does not require an Internet connection
Does not allow you to translate phrases or paragraphs, only single words
Italian & Armenian Dictionary
Armenian Dictionary Software Inc.
This is an dictionary with full Italian and Armenian translation.
...dictionary with over 70,000 words with full Italian ...who is interested in Italian and Armenian words...
Learn To Speak Italian
Aaresoft inc
Perfect guide for users in getting full command over Italian language. learn Italian language. It ...dictionary which help user in building a strong vocabulary in Italian...
Animated MS agent to guide
Simple interface
Huge database of Italian words
Cannot run in MAC OS
Gaberoff Koral Italian Free Dictionary
Gaberoff Koral is an Italian-Bulgarian dictionary with over 40.000 words.
...version contains Italian-Bulgarian ...dictionary compiled by Sava Slavchev and Bulgarian-Italian...

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