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Occasionally, it's vital to divert your attention and have a break. The applications on the list are exciting island-themed games involving finding treasures or just surviving. All you need is to choose the game able to satisfy your thirst for adventure.

Island-Themed Games download selection by Marisa Therezza. May 06, 2015

Zuma's Revenge
PopCap Games
A great challenging game in which you shoot the rolling balls.
...a great challenging game with the action taking place on an island, where...
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The game is really challenging
More than 60 levels
3 different playing modes
Trial version allows you to play only 60 minutes
Mystery Solitaire - Secret Island
Find your way back home from this secret island by playing this fun solitaire.
...the way off the island. In order to ...Enter Secret Island: to start playing the game in the adventure...
Easy to learn how to play the game using the help
Affordable price
Nice environment
Only available in English
Treasure Island
Zylom Games
Create matches of 3-in-a-row gems and clear the boards as soon as you can!
...from many of those other games, Treasure Island haven’t a background story or...
It’s available only in English
It isn’t a multiplayer game
Use on network is not supported
It’s an easy-to-learn game
Island Tribe
Realore Studios
Complete various missions in order to restore the former glory of the village.
...out the entire island when the native ...a general conclusion, Island Tribe is a game which I enjoyed...
It offers lots of handy tips which help you improve your game play
It provides four different modes (difficulty levels) so that each type player can enjoy the game
You might quickly lose interest in the story line
Island Realms
Alawar Entertaiment/Melesta
A nice game in which you need to help the people of the islands.
...In short, Island Realms is a nice and pretty original game that will...
Original gameplay
Nice graphics
Lots of awards
Repetitive music
Drift City

Drift City

Drift City is a good MMO driving game with nice game-play options.
...called HUVs. The Island decided to hire professional ...of racing. The game features nice cell-shaded...
Most recent in Island-Themed Games
Fun Features
Nice graphics
Not much car customization
Ranch Rush 2 - Sara's Island Experiment
Aliasworlds Entertainment
Ranch Rush 2 - Sara's Island Experiment is a lovely time management game. games with a gardening theme. First ...Island Experiment is a lovely time management game...
Wonderful graphics and sound effects
Lots of products
Really fast-paced
Rainbow Islands Candyland
Evis Games
Even adult people will get excited with this arcade game.
...turn the Rainbow Island into a tainted landscape ...field. The game includes seven islands, each with...
Excellent graphics
Lot of entertaining
Escape From Lost Island
Hidden-object game that challenges you to survive in a deserted island. to an unknown island where the real ...island? Will you be able to escape? Give this game...
Relaxed and original gameplay
Game tips guide players all the time
Clever mini games in between levels
Predictable story
Safari Island
Zylom Games
Safari Island is a matching game with a unique gameplay and a cute theme.
...All in all, Safari Island is a wonderful game with a unique gameplay that...
Three modes
Unique gameplay
Lots of trophies
Island Wars - Christmas Edition
InterAction studios
Try to defeat your opponent's island before being defeated yourself! types: • Classic War: this game type is comparable to Island Wars 1: two islands...
It's a high action game
It offers a multiplayer option
It can be played through a network
There are a couple of game types locked in the trial edition
ABC Island
Krai Soft
This is a multiple words game, where you have to uncover hidden treasures.
...Island is a word game. It takes place in an unknown island ...resolution, visual themes. This game is a...
Nice Looking Interface
Good Mental Work
Pirates of Treasure Island
Arcade Lab
In Pirates of Treasure Island you help Captain Gingerbeard find the treasures.
...hidden in the island. The game features nice but ...If you like the pirate theme and puzzles, I am...
Easy to control. Great puzzles. Fanstastic game play
Simple graphics
Jolly Roger Mahjong
New free online mahjong in pirate theme from pirate theme from You thru inhabited island, full of dangerous...
Emerald Island
Fluid, Inc.
Virtual world featuring fun and adventure, awesome games and cool characters.
...Island™ offers kids a green-themed virtual world featuring fun and adventure, awesome games...
Latest comments:
Anyone know where to find the game? I can't find it anywhere on the Internet, and I used to play it, but...
Hawaiian Explorer 2 - Lost Island
iWin Inc.
Hawaiian Explorer Lost Island is a hidden object sequel to Pearl Harbor.
...Hawaiian Explorer Lost Island is an entertaining hidden object game, but you...
Nice graphics effects. Interesting story
Awkward grammar. Hard to see objects. Frustration mah jong mini-game
Big Island Blends
Zylom Games
Big Island Blends is a time-management game in which you must serve customers.
...the customers of Big Island. Like in most games of this genre...
You can upgrade your shop
Nice graphics
Only one mode
Jewel Island
iWin Inc.
Enjoy this challenge and break your speed records.
Jewel Island is a great action game and challenge ...bonus points. This game has different levels where...
Nice adventure and fun
Escape Rosecliff Island
SpinTop Games
Escape Rosecliff Island is a hidden object game developed by SpinTop Games.
Escape Rosecliff Island is a hidden object game developed by SpinTop Games for Big Fish...
A huge number of objects to be found
Additional game modes
Funny mini-games
Not completely original
Casino Island To Go
Casino Island To Go is a casino games combo for Windows.
Casino Island To Go is a casino games combo for ...hidden treasures. The game keeps your statistics and...
It has a nice variety of casino games

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