Internet Browser Downloads

This set contains probably the most popular type of applications in the world - web browsers. Most of them can do more than just displaying a webpage as they contain a lot of additional features and functions like download managers, media players, support for mouse gestures, bookmark managers, developer tools such as script analyzers and code inspectors, etc.

Internet Browser download selection by Robert Polubinski. February 25, 2015

Internet Explorer
Browse the Web in a secure environment with HTML5 support.
...the default browser in 1995, Internet Explorer 11 ...Microsoft browser is no longer Internet Explorer...
Most popular in Internet Browser
Multi-tab interface
Accessibility features
High-end security and blocking features
High memory consumer
Google Chrome
Browse the Web and sync your navigation preferences with your phone and tablet.
...Internet users, this free and functional browser ha ...computers and simple Internet browsing a true...
Most downloaded in Internet Browser Most recent in Internet Browser
Pop-up blocker
Accessibility extensions
Private browsing
High resource consumer


Surf the web faster with features like live bookmarks, multiple tabs, and more.
...Multifaceted, the browser comes with variou ...You can browse the internet anonymously with the...
Most relevant in Internet Browser
Secure, fast and reliable
Private browsing to hide your traces
Multiple tabs to browse different websites
No built-in support for flash


Opera Software
Browse the Web at high speed and without ads or privacy threats.
...appearance, this free browser has focused all it ...visit faster than most browsers, taking you there...
Faster browsing
Built-in VPN feature
Video playback on a separate window
No 64-bit version available


Apple Inc.
Safari is a fast web browser made by Apple for Windows.
...don't have an active Internet connection. This feature ...of the fastest browsers rendering pages and...
Nice interface
Reading list
Reading view
Lack of support and interest by Apple
Maxthon MX5 Cloud Browser
A fast cloud-based browsing solution with handy features.
...The look of the browser is rather simple - a a twin-engine browser, including both the Trident...
Light and fast
Handy additional features
Good for blocking ads
Can be confusing in the feature selection
Acoo Browser

Acoo Browser

Acoo Browser is an Internet browser packed with rich features.
Acoo Browser is a freeware Internet browser for Window ...similar to Microsoft Internet Explorer, but...
Lots of new options to make it easier for us to surf the Net


Christian Dywan
Midori is a fast, lightweight, and open source web browser.
...from a modern web browser, including advanced option ...and improving this browser. Another remarkable...
Lightweight, neat and resource-friendly
Based on Webkit
Crashed once when attempting to add new "speed dial" entry
Pink Browser
Mind Vision Software (MVS)
Pink Browser is a free web browser designed carefully for girls.
...can control how Pink Browser will remove your Internet traces. 10. Popup...
Paessler Site Inspector
Paessler AG
Analyze and dissect webpages using Site Inspector; from within IE or Firefox.
...the two most frequently used browser engines (Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Gecko...
E2 Browser

E2 Browser

E2 Browser is a smart web browser with a built-in media player.
...Browser is a smart web browser that uses the Microsoft Internet Explorer engine. E2 Browser...
Built-in media player
Suppressing of script errors
Option for collecting various files
Needs IE in order to run
Conqueror Browser
Akash Yadav, Karan Dania, Avinash Pal
Uses dual HTML Rendering Engines Microsoft IE's Trident Engine and Chakra.
Conqueror Browser is a great browser made in in...
Freeware Browser
Freeware Browser is a web browser that points directly at download websites.
...for example). The browser itself looks utter ugly ...on Internet Explorer. Now, Freeware Browser will...
Can't find any
Looks awful
WA Browser

WA Browser

WA Browser is built on the same trident engines as used in Internet Explorer.
...7 and has features vying Internet Explorer 8. WA Browser has an import/export...
GoBar allows better navigation
Dependent on Internet Explorer engines
32bit Web Browser
32bit Web Browser is a very simple and small web browser.
...ago. Anyway, this browser is not only ...Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer almost entirely share...
It offers satisfactory browsing speed
Lightweight, neat and resource-friendly
Allows storing and organizing bookmarks
Lacks a lot of basic features such as tabbed browsing, history management, private browsing, etc
My Kids Browser
My Kids Browser
My Kids Browser is a browser for kids that enables parents to control them.
...internet for the current day. What is more, the browser ...My Kids Browser is a wonderful browser for...
Fully customizable
Excellent to protect your kids from harmful
KioWare Browser
Analytical Design Solutions, Inc.
KioWare Browser Software is used to replace your current browser.
...browser (Internet Explorer) with a locked down browser. KioWare Browser restricts access to browser...
Web 8 Internet Browser
Eight UK
A small internet browser developed by Eight UK team.
New to version : Bug features Update without unziping first No longer tell you theres an...
WebSpirit Internet Browser
OBriens Computer Service
WebSpirit is a very fast, customizable, lightweight Web Browser. manager & tools. This Browser is a free Internet browsing software suite released...

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