Recent Installed Programs Downloads

If you want to keep track of programs installed on your PC, then you can use a program from this list. Not only you can get information about the installed programs, but you can also remove the ones that you no longer need.

Recent Installed Programs download selection is a descendant of our Installed Programs Manager by Sean Hill customized for you:

1Click Uninstaller
Softeza Development
1Click Uninstaller can help you uninstall programs with ease.
...list of all the installed programs as well as a list of the recently installed software. In general, if...
Most relevant in Recent Installed Programs
It is very easy to use
It provides straightforward access to the programs' uninstallers
The interface may be confusing at first
Installed Program Finder
Creates a list of all of your programs, allowing you to save or print. be. Key Features Identifies installed programs Installed Program Finder identifies every installed program on your computer, allowing you...
Revo Uninstaller
VS Revo Group
Uninstall unneeded applications and remove leftovers.
...running a forced uninstall when a program’s installation is corrupted or was only ...remove the list of recently opened Office files, and...
Most popular in Recent Installed Programs
Use a forced uninstall
Trace a program’s installation
A unique feature, called Hunter Mode, which lets you uninstall an application, kill its related process and open its folder
Does not support batch uninstall
Absolute Uninstaller
Absolute Uninstaller is a free utility that helps you delete programs.
...the list of all the programs installed in your system. To uninstall ...covered. If you really need a program to perform a complete uninstall...
Batch uninstall
Works exactly like the Windows uninstaller
Uninstall Manager
Martin Fuchs
Uninstall Manager is a tool for managing the windows software packages.
...The program is similar ...installation date. Using this standard sort order you can see immediately, which software has been installed recently...
Latest comments:
Menu Uninstaller
Install MenuUninstaller and start removing programs.
...sweeps through the Add/Remove Programs dialog, it's more ...Control Panel just to remove a program. MenuUninstaller adds a simple "Uninstall"...
Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum 2
ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
A complete suite of tools to fully and properly uninstall programs.
...eliminate programs from your hard drives, but will also let you install ...delete Internet Explorer add-ons installed in your hard drive, or...
Easy and Expert modes, for the novice and the professional
Extra tools for improving Windows performance
MightyUninstaller is a suite of system maintenance tools.
...displays a list of all your installed programs and you can click on a ...a problem that you have with a program, and the developers of the app...
Some interesting features, such as a "forcible deleter", for example
No batch features

Some Recent Installed Programs downloads, not featured in Installed Programs Manager

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is the most popular PDF file reader program.
...most popular PDF file reader program. PDF (Portable Document Format) ...including e-books and pictures. The program can only read a PDF file...
Most downloaded in Recent Installed Programs Most recent in Recent Installed Programs
Supports to fill in forms online
Available for multiple platforms
Supports digital ID
A small feature range


Universal photo viewer, converter, and photo-slideshow creator.
...formats including RAW images; you can also install additional plugins by copying appropriate DLL files...
Wide range of supported formats
Multi-language support
Great variety of features
Wise Care 365
Clean up your PC of unnecessary files and boost up its performance.
Wise Care 365 is a program that helps you clean the ...junk files from your PCs. The program optimizes your PC's performance, defrags disks...
It does clean up and optimizes your computer
Free system optimization tools
Customizable cleaning tools
Insufficient warning signs
Uninstall Tool
Uninstall Tool can remove unneeded applications and system components.
...Main features: - Batch Removal operations. - Highlighting of recently installed applications in the list. - Control Panel icon...
It is easy to use
It supports batch uninstalling
It allows you to uninstall applications by force

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