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The following applications can split images into smaller pieces. Some of them will also generate the HTML table code for those parts. Most of these tools are meant to split TIF/TIFF image files, but there are some tools in this set that support splitting images of other formats, such as JPEG or PNG.

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Michael Weiner
It splits images into a grid of images that can be useful for viewing on the Web.
...application splits images into a grid of images that can ...that assembles the images will also be...
Most recent in Image Splitter
The Castle's SplitImage
The Castle
The Castles Split Image is a unique program to split an image.
...code for the images. These split images can be ...documents, work with multiple images at a time using...
Simple to work on
Create HTML Table code for the image
Batch processing option
Use of processor option will wipe out any existing HREFs in the documents
Axommsoft Tiff Split Merge
Axommsoft Tiff Split Merge is an app that allows you to manipulate TIFF files.
...Tool supports bulk tiff images for processing ...supports all popular image formats includes FAX...
Boxoft TIFF Merge and Split
Boxoft Co., Ltd.
Boxoft TIFF Merge and Split is a product designed for processing TIFF images.
...designed for processing TIFF images. It enables you ...files to other formats images Main features: ...


Itzik Ephraim
TileMage splits your images into rows and columns, or tiles.
...tool supports most common image file formats, like process multiple images using the application's...
Very low system resources usage
Image Cut
XVEL Software
Image Cut lets you split images and generate the HTML code automatically.
...and vertical line splitters in the position ...smaller parts of your image. Adding a grid is...
Most popular in Image Splitter
Easy to use
Supports many image file types
It can split multiple images at the same time
TIFF Split Merge
Highly efficient and advanced software to split and combine numerous TIFF files.
...individual or another segregated TIF image. Splitter easily split multi page TIFF...
Tiff Splitter
TiWinsome Technologies
Separates your multi-page TIFF files into pages quickly and efficiently.
...Splitter does much more than just transforming your multi-page TIFF image ...Tiff Splitter includes...
Most downloaded in Image Splitter
Attractive and well-organized interface
Includes some interesting extra functionality
High-quality output
TIFF Splitter Deluxe
Sherrod Computers
A tool to convert your multi-page TIFF files into individual TIFF pages.
...become a separate TIFF image file, preserving the ...believe that TIFF Splitter Deluxe is capable...
Offers "watch folder" capabilities
Fast page-splitting process
Helmsman, Inc.
TiffSplitter can split multi-page TIFF images and convert them to JPEG.
...constituent pages as separate images. TiffSplitter can help ...with multi-page TIFF images. It has the...
It is easy to use
It provides some overwrite modes
It can be used from the command line
It has an unattractive interface

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