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In the case of a sudden appearance of a person in charge (boss, supervisor, mom, etc), instantly hiding inappropriate windows is a life saver. This set of programs will help you instantly minimize all opened windows and programs or just the last opened window. These programs are not only privacy protectors, but they can also help you get some order on a cluttered desktop.

Hide App Window download selection is a descendant of our Hide Windows by Paul Malgey customized for you:

Hide My Windows
Instantly hides all windows on your screen with a single hotkey.
...you going to do now?" Hide My Windows software for quickly hiding windows without closing applications. Any games...
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Window Hide Tool
Window Hide
Window Hide Tool 2.0 helps you to quickly hide a window of any application.
...can set hotkeys to hide a single window, to hide all windows, to show one window and to show all...
Window Hide Tool is easy and friendly to use, with a single click you can quickly hide any window
I haven’t found any disadvantage until now
Hide Master
GigaMind Systems
An easy-to-use tool for hiding windows and applications.
...for fast, flexible and convenient way to hide windows / hide programs / hide applications, try our product - it's exactly...
Easy Hide Window
Hide Window on Taskbar with Easy Hide Window and shutdown computer or...
Hide Window on Taskbar with Easy Hide Window and shutdown computer or hibernate computer when window closes. Hidden windows can be...
Hide Windows

Hide Windows

Better Logic
Hide Windows solves the problem of ...taskbar. If you have a window open which you don'...
...focus, click the icon of Hide Windows in the System Tray with ...makes your taskbar clutter-free. 'Hide Windows' is also built to run without...
Windows Hider
It is designed to hide windows in taskbar, files, without closing them.
...designed to hide windows in taskbar, programs, files and ...or hotkey. With Windows Hider you can divide your windows, programs, files, etc...
Flash Windows Hider
Quick to hide your private windows within a blink of eye.
...Word, Excel, Outlook Express, etc. *hide DOS windows, desktop icons. *hide just about everything, including itself ! *Allow...
Windows Hide Master
GigaMind Systems
Windows Hide Master is powerful ...use tool for hiding windows and programs. Windows Hide M...
...for hiding windows and programs. Windows Hide Master allows you to hide (and unhide) specified windows and groups of windows by...
AceHide Free

AceHide Free

Helps you quickly hide a window of any application.
...basic program commands: hide a window, hide all windows, or hide a group of windows. Or you can hide a window by clicking an icon...
Latest comments:
Amazing tool that saved me on multiple occasions.
Hide Window Now
Anloer Software
...which allows you to hide the windows, and programs which...
...all sounds when hiding windows. Hide Traybar when hiding windows. Password protect hidden windows. Change window's caption title. User...

Some Hide App Window downloads, not featured in Hide Windows



Punk Software
RocketDock 1.3 - simple free tray bar for accesing Windows functions.
...use much easier. - minimizes windows to the system tray - shows windows previews in Vista - has indicators...
Very useful for common tasks
It appears to "intrude" when the desktop is full of icons
Hotspot Shield
AnchorFree, Inc.
VPN service to access Internet securely and without restrictions.
...service that lets you access blocked websites, hide your identity and IP address, and encrypt...
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Easy to install and use
Attractive interface
Extensive list of countries
Advertisements can become quite annoying
WinLock Professional
Crystal Office Systems
WinLock Professional is intended to improve computer protection.
...your security, including Windows Explorer, Start Menu, Windows Update, Task ...It’s also possible to hide selected drives and block access...
It has a nice interface
It comprises a great deal of features.´
It allows applying restriction on a per account basis
It’s inappropriate for inexperienced users
WinMend Folder Hidden
Hide directories and enables to conceal your private documents.
...I started to question this app's reliability. For instance, the ...program for hiding your files and folders on your Windows PC. WinMend...
You can import and hide as many files and folders as you like
Fast processing speed
Localized in various languages
Not sure what algorithm it uses to hide items and how strong it is
Hide Folders
FSPro Labs
Protect your files and folders from prying eyes!
...You don't need to know Windows file system essentials. Computer experts will ...files on your system - get Hide Folder - it is definitely suit...
Wipes the files or folders' tracks
Can enable protection for unlimited number of items
Rather pricy

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