Folder Hiding Tool Downloads

Everyone who wants to keep his/her folders and files private should consider hiding them with the help of one of these tools. These programs will secure and protect every file on the computer by making them hidden from prying eyes, as well as inaccessible to various human and Internet threats. Besides hiding files and folders, these tools can also lock and password-protect them.

Folder Hiding Tool download selection is a descendant of our Hide Folders by Pete Clapp customized for you:

Wise Folder Hider
WiseCleaner, Inc.
Wise Folder Hider safeguards your privacy by hiding selected folders and files.
...such interface buttons as Hide File, Hide Folder and Hide USB Drive. More ...Windows contextual menu. This tool uses security algorithms to...
Most recent in Folder Hiding Tool Most relevant in Folder Hiding Tool
Easy to use
It can be run from Windows contextual menu
It uses security algorithm
It cannot create an invisible virtual drive
WinMend Folder Hidden
Hide directories and enables to conceal your private documents.
...Also, according to multiple WinMend Folder Hidden users, there's a ...different program for hiding your files and folders on your Windows PC...
You can import and hide as many files and folders as you like
Fast processing speed
Localized in various languages
Not sure what algorithm it uses to hide items and how strong it is
File and Folder Privacy
File and Folder Privacy is a file/folder protection tool.
File and Folder Privacy is a file/folder protection tool. It allows you ...prevent modifications. The last approach hides the name of the file...
Shell integration
Different protection options
Easy to use
Easy File & Folder Protector
Easy File and Folder Protector is an access control application for Windows.
Easy File and Folder Protector is an access control and security tool for Windows based operating systems...
Easy to use
You can set access time and date to the locked file for other users
Folder Guard Lite
WinAbility® Corporation
Folder Guard Lite - You can hide and restrict ...access to any file folder...
.../2000/NT. You can hide and restrict access to any file folder on your computer, on...
Folder Security Professional
Y0YS Software
This tool keeps files and folders secret and safe by hiding and... to hide and lock folders and files. You can choose to hide them ...own password and protection list. This tool is self-protected, it can...
Advanced Folder Encryption
This utility offers various methods for protecting your important files.
...protect your files and folders by hiding, scrambling or encrypting the used. Besides the encryption tools, this piece of software also...
Includes many methods to protect your files
Two of the methods are very fast
AES 256-bit encryption
A bug in the interface showing garbled text
My Hidden Folders
TrustSoft Inc
Instantly hide and unhide any file or folder on a Windows system.
...Folders is an essential privacy tool that allows you to instantly hide and unhide any file or folder...
My Lockbox

My Lockbox

FSPro Labs
Adds password protection to lock your folder and hide it from the screen.
...protecting your folders. This ensures that your folders are accessible ...protect a single folder and to protect multiple folders you will...
Most popular in Folder Hiding Tool
Locks and hides your folder from the system
Customize the looks through themes
Whitelist applications that need excess the folder
Free version only locks a single folder
Hide Folders XP
FSPro Labs
Folders XP 2.9 is perfect tool for protecting your personal information. used by other persons. Hide Folders XP 2.9 is a perfect tool for providing such protection. It uses...
Easy-to-use interface
Great protection
Only one skin
Hide My Windows Mini
You can hide any browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. moment. Hide My Windows Mini can hide windows, programs, folders, website ...prying eyes with Hide My Windows.This tool is mostly...

Some Folder Hiding Tool downloads, not featured in Hide Folders

Folder Lock
Protect, lock, and encrypt your drives, folders, and files securely. to files and folders – you can hide entire drives (except for ...Unlike with many other software tools, here the Settings dialog is...
Most downloaded in Folder Hiding Tool
Auto shutdown of the app
Configurable fail attempts
App auto-hide option
Serial number can be used to unlock your files and folders
Protected Folder
This app protects the information stored in files and folders from prying eyes.
...drop the files and folders into the tools panel to set the ...them into Protected Folder's safety box and you can hide and protect them...
User-friendly interface
Easy to use
Fast locking of files and folders
Can't set distinctive passwords for different files and folder
Folder Guard
WinAbility Software Corporation
It can hide or lock your personal files and folders with passwords.
...system. It’s a powerful privacy tool that offers a both simple and ...You can set up Folder Guard to hide your private folders (or make them...
Easy-to-use interface
Includes a step-by-step "Quick Start Wizard" that helps a lot novices
Offers several data protection methods
It's costly for home users
Free Folder Hider
AutoBAUP Ltd.
It's a very simple tool that lets you hide directories.
...Free Folder Hider doesn’t impress, being a small tool focused on ...seconds. This program only hide the folders, not encrypt the file...
Lightweight and resource-friendly
Batch processing multiple folders at once is not possible in the free version
Free Folder Lock
Free Folder Lock is an encryption tool that locks and hides folders.
...many different users. Free Folder Lock - Lock, hide, encrypt, back up ...all your Files, Drives & Folders Hiding any type of data like images...
Easy and quick way to lock and hide sensitive data
Works with files and folders
GUI is user friendly
It isn't free as advertised; the trial version allows you hide or encrypt only one folder
A+ Folder Locker
Giant Matrix Ltd
Efficient data protection tool that creates hacker-proof lockers for your data. locked up using this tool, you are strongly advised not Disguise & Hide, which lets you hide files and folders inside photos and...
Locks your sensitive data under various layers of protection
Stealth mode to hide the steps taken during the locking process
Powerful file shredder
Dull interface with repetitive colorless designs

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