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Everyone who wants to keep his/her folders and files private should consider hiding them with the help of one of these tools. These programs will secure and protect every file on the computer by making them hidden from prying eyes, as well as inaccessible to various human and Internet threats. Besides hiding files and folders, these tools can also lock and password-protect them.

Hide Folders download selection by Pete Clapp. February 13, 2015

File and Folder Privacy
File and Folder Privacy is a file/folder protection tool.
...The last approach hides the name of the ...access it. File and Folder Privacy works extremely well...
Shell integration
Different protection options
Easy to use
Wise Folder Hider
WiseCleaner Inc
Hide private files, photos, videos, and other personal data from your PC.
...that Wise Folder Hider can hide information on ...securing and hiding your files and folders. It works...
Most popular in Hide Folders
Two different passwords for each level
Cannot be uninstalled without a password
Uses strong encryption algorithms
No hidden virtual drive
Hide My Windows Mini
You can hide any browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.
...to help you hide any windows and ...Hide My Windows Mini can hide windows, programs, folders...
My Lockbox

My Lockbox

FSPro Labs
Hide and protect your most sensitive data using a master password.
...to protect and hide all your sensitive ...options to lock your folder automatically after a set...
Most downloaded in Hide Folders
Protects data even in Windows safe mode
Won't lock system-sensitive folders
Protects all subfolders inside a folder
The free trial protects one folder only
PCMesh Hide Files and Folders
PC Mesh
Make your secret files and folders invisible easily with one click.
...money-back guarantee. PCMesh Hide Files and Folders supports Windows 2000/XP...
Hide Folders XP
FSPro Labs
Folders XP 2.9 is perfect tool for protecting your personal information.
...lock" method makes a protected folder invisible and inaccessible. Hide Folders XP 2.9 has a very...
Easy-to-use interface
Great protection
Only one skin
WinMend Folder Hidden
Hide directories and enables to conceal your private documents.
...according to multiple WinMend Folder Hidden users, there' ...for hiding your files and folders on...
You can import and hide as many files and folders as you like
Fast processing speed
Localized in various languages
Not sure what algorithm it uses to hide items and how strong it is
Lock and Hide Folder
UP Software
Lock and Hide Folder hides folders with sensitive personal data.
...application. Lock and Hide Folder allows using hotkey ...first. Lock and Hide Folder has very low...
Nice interface
Small size
Hotkey combinations can't be redefined
My Hidden Folders
TrustSoft Inc.
Instantly hide and unhide files and folders on your Windows system.
...you to instantly hide and unhide files and folders on your Windows...
Easy File & Folder Protector
Easy File and Folder Protector is an access control application for Windows.
...your private files or folders to save your ...uninstaller. Easy File and Folder Protector is no doubt a...
Easy to use
You can set access time and date to the locked file for other users
Folder Guard Lite
WinAbility® Corporation
Folder Guard Lite - You can hide and restrict ...access to any file folder...
...hide and restrict access to any file folder on ...FAT32 volumes. The folder becomes invisible to...
Windows Hider
It is designed to hide windows in taskbar, files, without closing them.
...designed to hide windows in taskbar, programs, files and folders (all to...
Folder Security Professional
Y0YS Software
...files and folders secret and safe by hiding and locking...
...to hide and lock folders and files. You can choose to hide them...
Advanced Folder Encryption
This utility offers various methods for protecting your important files.
...you protect your files and folders by hiding, scrambling or encrypting the...
Includes many methods to protect your files
Two of the methods are very fast
AES 256-bit encryption
A bug in the interface showing garbled text
Dark Files
SSS Lab., Inc.
Dark Files can help you keep your files protected.
Dark Files can help you keep your files protected. You can choose who gets access to what files on...
Folder Guard Jr.
Hide and restrict access to any folder.
Hides and restricts access to any folder of your choice. Makes the folder invisible...
LoVehoLic File & Folder Hider
Lab Loveholic
LoVehoLic File & Folder Hider lets you add protection to your files and folders.
...hidden files and folders from the folder options. You ...view your protected folders and their content...
The protected folders are automatically hidden from your system once they have been protected, even if you have activated the option to show hidden files and folders from the folder options
If any change is made in the folder structure while the program is opened, you won't be able to see the changes until you close and open the application again
Jvw File and folder hider
Jvw inc.
Hide folder and Keep prying eyes away from your private files.
...Jvw file and Folder hider lets you hide folder and protect your personal...
Hide Folder Ext
FSPro Labs
Hide and lock a folder on external drive.
...folder hiding programs are intended to hide folders on internal hard drives, Hide Folder Ext hides...
Most recent in Hide Folders
Hide Folders
FSPro Labs
Protect your privacy by hiding personal files and folders from prying eyes.
...the commands include: "Hide and lock with Hide Folders", "Hide with Hide Folders", etc. To be...
Available in various languages
Immediately applies options changes
Comes with a comprehensive help guide
You can find cheaper solutions

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