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Gravity simulators are programs designed to simulate the effects of gravity on various objects. They can be astronomy utilities simulating the gravity of planets, stars and other celestial bodies or physics simulating games where you usually need to use the effects of gravity to move to the next level. This set contains various free and commercial gravity simulators.

Gravity Simulator download selection by Nordine Bjerke. April 30, 2015

Universe Sandbox
Giant Army
Create and destroy planets, solar systems, galaxies, or even galaxy clusters.
...trajectories, masses, gravity data, density ...simulation. Since it’s a physics-based simulator...
Most popular in Gravity Simulator Most downloaded in Gravity Simulator Most recent in Gravity Simulator
Climate simulations and terraforming are also included in the latest version
Free trial version available
Very complex and thorough
The menus of the interface could've been a bit more intuitive
Crayon Physics Deluxe
Kloonigames Ltd.
A 2D puzzle game that focuses on physics simulation.
...on Physics, by playing on simulations of gravity, mass, or kinetic energy...
Good exercise for the brain
Numpty Physics
Numpty Physics is a 2D game that involves using the laws of physics.
...of the elements of gravity, which is the ...engine to simulate the effects of gravity on different...
It helps you understand the laws of physics
Instructions are poor
Orbit Xplorer
Educational orbit and gravitation simulator for high school and college physics.
...html-format. Simulations include elliptical satellite ...Lagrange points, gravity assist, Hohmann orbit...
AstroGrav Astronomy Software
AstroGrav is a full-featured, high precision solar system simulator.
...featured, high precision solar system simulator that calculates the gravitational interactions...
Solar System 3d Gravitator
Carsten Arnholm
Solar System 3D Gravitator is an accurate 3D simulator of the solar system.
...Gravitator is an accurate 3D simulator of the solar system allowing...
R3 Productions
This program creates a 3D simulation of a solar system.
...and educational (a great combination). It simulates gravity and movement of a planetary/solar...
All features unlocked in free version


University of Colorado
Lunar Lander is a great free physics simulation model.
...of Colorado. This simulation tool disguised as a ...fuel consumption and gravity. The objective of...
Very illustrative
Fun to play
Tony Dunn
Gravity Simulator is a simulation software package for amateur astronomers.
...astronomers. The features of the Gravity simulation software help you to study...
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Re-creation of simulations done by professional
Runs only on Win OS

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