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Today children spend a lot of time in front of the computer. This list contains a variety of games designed for them. These applications are either educational and will help the child to develop skills or are easy enough for a young mind to play. Each game can keep a kid entertained for a long time.

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Childsplay is a collection of educational games for kindergarten children.
...a series of 14 educational games for kids. Learning or enhancing all sorts...
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Educational games
Learning or enhancing all sorts of information by playing games
One of the games, Flashcards/Fox, is not working; it doesn't open
Diego Dinosaur Rescue
A children's arcade game where they get to help dinosaurs, and learn about them. a fun arcade game developed by Nickelodeon and an educational game where kids can learn a...
Good Educational Game for Childen Ages 3 to 6
Nice Looking Interface
Good Sound and Video Quality
The Princess Bride Game
Please the Princess while you go through all kind of adventures!
...soon. The game is ideal for kids though ...of entertainment. The game provides several episodes and...
Easy to learn how to play since its simplicity
Nice videos and animations
Very entertaining game for kids
It’s available only in English
Abra Academy - Returning Cast
Bigfish Games
Abra Academy - Returning Cast is a fun but unoriginal hidden object game.
...a few interesting mini-games. I quite didn't is not really challenging, but it's fine for kids...
Excellent graphic and sound effects. Enjoyable. Nice music
Many objects appear almost in all levels. Only one game mode. Not really challenging
Speedy Bubbles
Speedy Games
Speedy Bubbles comprises a move style game for kids.
Speedy Bubbles comprises a move style game for kids. This game contains all the best...
JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten
Knowledge Adventure, Inc.
It helps children practice and build essential Kindergarten skills.
...® Advanced Kindergarten Games 4-CD set ...accessories and play pet games. Main features - Learning...
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It is cool.
My Words and Phrases
SuperMemo World
My Words and Phrases is a course, based on SuperMemo, which teaches 6 languages.
...teaches 6 languages using games and fun activities to ...building 10 educational games to practice the...
Professor Cornelius
Lamies Productions
Play with your friends or your family and get the best score. mini-games Color Confusion - High Score Tables - Get the best score - Perfect for the kids...
101 Kid's Brainy Games
Nodtronics Pty Ltd
...and Sums Slimer. The games for kids ages 6 to 8 are ...Cookie. And the games for kids ages 8 to 12...
Latest comments:
brodie pitts
Loved the game when I was little and I am still using it now for my music assignment.

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