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GIF, short for Graphics Interchange Format, is a bitmap image format that is very popular on the Internet, due to the fact that it supports animations.

Sharpening effect is a digital photo filter that can be applied to images to sharpen the edges of the objects found in those pictures. This effect is used to make a photo clearer and objects easily visible.

This set includes numerous programs that will allow you to open and edit GIF files. All these applications also offer a sharpening effect that can be applied to the processed images.

GIF Editor with Sharpen Effect download selection by Etan Bourke. February 03, 2016



The GIMP Team
GIMP 2.6 is a versatile and free graphics manipulation package.
...make a lot of photo enhancement effects in digital photos. Like fix...
Most popular in GIF Editor with Sharpen Effect
Easy to understand
Free to use
Not so complete as Photoshop
Retouch your photos and portraits to make them look just perfect.
...choose the effect you ...most graphic editors, like brightne ...adjustment, blur/sharpen and many more...
Most downloaded in GIF Editor with Sharpen Effect
Simple and easy to use
Includes a series of eight learning videos
Offers you a unique set of photo retouching tools
Some of its tools may require time and patience to be successfully used
AVS Photo Editor
Online Media Technologies, Ltd.
Browse and edit your images with brushes, color effects, and image filters.
...image browser and editor, AVS Photo Editor is a free ...with a red-eye effect remover, an image crop...
Most relevant in GIF Editor with Sharpen Effect
Offers one-click image presets
Includes a thumbnail-based image browser
Compare images before and after editing
Lacks batch editing capabilities
PC Image Editor
Program4Pc Inc.
Neat and straightforward image editor with simple yet efficient functionality.
...WMF, or GIF images between format ...and noise effects, halftone and ...PC Image Editor an excellent...
Supports all the most common image file formats
Straightforward and easy-to-apply functionality
One-click filters and effects
No batch processing capabilities
Image Optimizer
| Ltd.
Image Optimizer allows you to convert, resize, and edit your images quickly.
...all editing tools and effects, and its built-in, such as Adobe editors. Still, you can rotate...
Easy to use
Faster processing and real-time preview of the image
Limited features
FastStone MaxView
FastStone Soft
Enjoy your photos in full detail and edit them in various practical ways.
...including JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA ...rotate and sharpen/blur your ...apply some other effects to it...
Browses your images and photos in full detail and resolution
Apply various basic editing functions to your images in an easy way
Supports all known image file formats
Doesn't support batch image editing
Selteco Photo Lab
Selteco Software
It is a photo editor and viewer, as well as an image enhancer.
...and GIF file format editor to ...imperfections, sharpen picture detail ...special effects that...
Comprehensive photo editing features
Interesting image effects
Photo enhancing abilities
Quite pricey


Viscom Software
Edit images and create photo collages with rich customization options. collage and batch photo editor. You can simply drag and...
Belltech Photo Editor Max
Belltech Systems
Belltech Photo Editor Max is a professional photo editor and screen capturer. edge effects and others (perspective, shear, blur, emboss, sharpen, and solarize...
Easy to use
Simple, nice, and intuitive user interface
Professional tools
Falco Image Studio
Falco Software Company
Create, edit, and improve your favorite photos easily.
...other free image editors out there ( ...embossing and mosaic effects, color filters, perspective...
Most recent in GIF Editor with Sharpen Effect
Supports layers
Offers a good choice of effects and filters
Includes all basic editing tools
Shuts down occasionally when performing resource-consuming tasks
JPhotoBrush Pro
Tanveer Rameez
Award Winning Multi-Platform Image Editing/ Enhancement/ Retouch Application.
...includes a GIF Animation ...Sharpen, smoothen, detect edge, emboss or use custom filter. * Add effects...
GFX Alchemy
Complete, all-in-one image editor, converter, and more for 140+ image formats!
...+ special effects, filter ...GBR, GEM, GIF, HPGL, HPGL2 ...Ripple, Saturation, Sharpen, Solarize...
Latest comments:
Have a look at Konvertor FM.
Image Studio
Image Studio is the powerful easy-to-use image editor program.
...use image editor program ...: JPG,GIF,BMP,PNG ...lot of effects like Hugo blur, sharpen, and soften...
Mystik Media
Complete, all-in-one image editor for all popular audio and video formats!
...and effects on static ...Blur, Saturation, Sharpen, Sheer, Smooth ...MPEG-2, AVI, GIF). 6) Complete...
Image Editor
It's a fast and powerful image editing and enhancing utility.
...Image Editor makes use of the effective i2e ...GIF and RAW files, as well. In conclusion, Image Editor...
Various pre-corrections will be performed automatically
Supports many different image file formats
Automatic red eye removal
Quite pricey
AZ Paint
Herman Compute
A drawing tool and an Animated GIF Editor all in one single application.
...effects (gamma, contrast, sharpen ...effects, etc. Before moving into the animated GIF editor...
Comes with an interesting Animated GIF editor
Both tools are easy to use and perform their tasks as described
Supports EXIF metadata for your JPG images

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