Free Windows Shutdown Utility Downloads

The applications from the following set allow setting the automatical shutdown process for your Windows operating system. Many of them bring along lots of handy features, such as an ability to select among varios operations: log-off, restart, lock, hibernate your computer, even close a dial-up connection, or execute a predefined script.

Free Windows Shutdown Utility download selection by Victoria Nelson. March 18, 2015

Airytec Switch Off
It is a handy automation tool that lets you schedule PC shutdown, restart, etc.
...and best of all, it’s free.
Most popular in Free Windows Shutdown Utility
Easy to use
Snooze button
Can also disconnect dialup or VPN connections
Delayed Shutdown
Alexander G. Styopkin
Delayed Shutdown allows you to schedule shut downs with ease.
...time is Delayed Shutdown. Unlike other program ...its kind, Delayed Shutdown application offers you...
Most downloaded in Free Windows Shutdown Utility
User-friendly interface
The sliderbar provides you with accessibility
Lack of configurations
Chameleon Shutdown
NeoSoft Tools
Helps you to automatically shut down, log off, restart, etc. your system.
...can set a 'shutdown' action to perform if ...user interface. A free utility tool with unique features...
You can set an action to perform if certain conditions are met
Provides a CPU usage option
Provides an idle time option
Can't add multiple actions at a time
Quick ShutDown
Shatran Software
You can shutdown, restart, log-off, stand by, hibernate, and lock your computer.
...instructions is executed, Windows queries all the completed. Quick ShutDown has a useful feature...
It can be used from the command line interface
It allows you to force to shutdown opened applications
It doesn't have a task scheduler to schedule the computer any task
Shutdown Win 8
It brings the classic Windows XP shutdown screen to your Windows 8 PC.
...Shutdown your PC. Shutdown Win 8 is a freeware Windows 8 utility and it brings the classic Windows...
Karen's Show Stopper
Karen Kenworthy
By using this uttility you can create shutdown shortcut icons on your desktop.
...utility you can create two types of shutdown ...also force the window to shutdown or restart without...
Supports force shutdown of window
Provides option to set pre-shutdown tasks
Does not provide option to switch users quickly
Shutdown Command
Shutdown Command automates shutdown, restart or log off operations. small window. This window contains a range of options for customizing shutdown, restart...
Tiny size
It's free
Poor design
Smart Turn Off Timer
Smart Turn Off allows you to automate the shutdown process of your Windows. to automate the shutdown process of your Windows system. It works...
Can be accessed from the system tray
Users can shutdown or log off basing on their choice
Very few customization options
ShutDownOne Home
DimaWare Software Solutions
Allows you to quickly shutdown, restart, log off or standby your system.
...a system utility which allows you to quickly shutdown, restart loaded at Windows start-up and...
An option to clear temporary files before taking action for a clean PC
You can set a hotkey as an action
Doesn't provide a feature to add multiple actions at a time
Computer Auto Shut Down
Excellent free tool to set your computer to shut itself down at a specific time.
...’s shutdown beforehand. This free and simple utility offer ...Thus, the one-window interface offered by...
Supports command-line operation
Easy to set up and cancel
Does not intefere with your other PC activities
Shutdown Windows
Shutdown Windows Utility is a Free software Utility which can shutdown computer.
Shutdown Windows Utility is a Free software Utility which can shutdown computer normally optionally...
sShutdown Replacer
Shedko software
sShutdown Replacer lets you skin your shutdown dialog boxes.
...files. The utility intercepts the shutdown command ...can download (absolutely free) from www.osx...
It's a nice free tool to customize your shutdown dialog boxes
The built-in skins work OK, but sometimes the plug-ins don't work
Shutdown Delay
The Tech Turf
Shutdown Delay is a small utility for the automatic shutdown of your computer.
Shutdown Delay is a small utility to shutdown your ...options like main window's transparency and...
Small size
Poor design


9 d studios
K-Shutdowner is an automated shutdown scheduling utility for windows platform. automated shutdown scheduling utility for windows platform. It has many advanced...
iSun Shut

iSun Shut

Luis Alvarado
Simple utility which lets you Shutdown, Restart, Log Off your PC.
Simple utility which lets you Shutdown, Restart ...Requirements: For Use - Windows XP/Vista/7 - .Net...


An utility that can automatically shutdown, suspend or hibernate your system.
...use tray-based system utility that could automatically shutdown, suspend or hibernate...
Fast Shutdown
It is a free utility that can shut down or reboot your PC almost instantly.
...difference between Fast Shutdown and using Windows' default methods of's also completely free.
Most recent in Free Windows Shutdown Utility
Very small, neat and lightweight
No drawbacks found
Mz Shutdown Scheduler
Mz Ultimate Tools
A useful utility with which you can easily automate your computer's shutdown. the job. Mz Shutdown Scheduler is a Windows schedule application that can...
Allows you to Shutdown your computer in a specified time
You can schedule to run a particular program at shutdown
Displays custom warning message
ShutDown Plus
Competent Software
ShutDown Plus is an old application that allows you to shut down your computer. certain functions like shutdown, restart, hibernate, log ...that the new Windows versions don´t have...
Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface
Old-looking and not really attractive
Shutdown Monster
Shutdown Monster is a very advanced automatic shutdown tool.
...will send the shutdown command. This mean ...and more advanced shutdown methods. Another freebie...
Very advanced, yet easy to use
CPU usage is an interesting way to turn off a computer
Many features

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