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WMA (Windows Media Audio) is Microsoft's audio file format that was designed as a competitor for the popular MP3 and it is a part of the Windows Media framework.

The following set contains multiple applications that give you the possibility to record audio data from any possible source and save it as a WMA file on your computer. All these tools are free.

Free Tool to Record Audio to WMA download selection by Bill White. June 27, 2015



AIMP DevTeam
Play audio in multiple formats and from different sources.
...a tool supporting ...also record whatever player available and, luckily, it is absolutely free...
Most popular in Free Tool to Record Audio to WMA Most downloaded in Free Tool to Record Audio to WMA
High-quality audio output
18-band equalizer
Plugin support
Cannot play video
Free Sound Recorder
FreeAudioVideo Software
Records any sounds that you can hear played by your computer.
...record any sound that passes through your audio ...the recordings. To conclude, Free Sound Recorder...
Can capture any external or internal sound
Recording scheduling
Has an editor to enhance recorded and audio files
Should make it clear that in order for the program to start and work, the "Stereo Mix" recording option should be enabled on computer with Windows 7 and above
AVS Audio Recorder
Online Media Technologies Ltd., UK
A simple recording tool that lets you capture sound from a variety of sources.
AVS Audio Recorder is a free recording tool that let ...the recording format; it can be MP3, WMA, and...
Most relevant in Free Tool to Record Audio to WMA
Nice interface
Easy to use
Saves audio files in 3 formats
Very limited in features
Kat MP3 Recorder
Kat MP3 Recorder is a versatile sound recording tool.
...this tool that it recorder that comes with useful additional features and is provided for free...
Can record various file formats
Includes an audio playing function
The interface cannot be resized or customized
AV Audio & Sound Recorder
Avsoft Corp.
Record audio files and modify them with this free tool.
...and free program allows you to record audio file ...AV Sound Recorder, such as AV Audio Editor...
Many optional features
EArt Audio Editor
EArt Media Software
EArt Audio Editor is an all-in-one editor, recorder, converter, splitter, player.
...Users are able to record audio from a microphone or any save the audio to WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, VOX...
A real an all-in-one editor
Requires 586 CPU or Higher
DeGo Audio Voice Recorder
DeGo Audio Voice Recorder can record the sound from your computer´s microphone.
...formats, such as MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, AMR ...DeGo Audio Voice Recorder allows you to record using...
It has many built-in profiles to generate sound files ready to be played on most portable devices
Need4 Audio Recorder
Need4Video Ltd
Need4 Audio Recorder uses broadcasts, CDs, microphone, application programs.
...quality. This tool would allow the users to record audio from various sources...
Easy to operate, Easily customized
Limited output format
Free Audio Editor 2009
FreeAudioStudio Inc.
...winning mp3 editing software tool. The Free Audio Editor software...
Free Audio Editor is a multi-award winning audio editing software tool. The Free Audio ...Record audio...
Ultimate Encoder
Ultimate Encoder is a high fidelity CDA/MP3 Audio encoder and decoder. MP3 or WMA audio files which can .../Microphone live recording directly to MP3 or WMA audio files.
OSS Audio Editor
OSS Audio Editor is a free and simple audio editor and recorder.
...VOX, OGG, G726, WMA, and RAW. Also, this tool records audio from all available...
YoGen Audio Recorder
YoGen Software Incorporated
real-time digital audio recording program.
YoGen Audio Recorder is real-time MP3, WMA, WAV recording software that is useful to...
Power Record

Power Record

Blaze Audio
radio & net-radio recorder.
...and timed recordings. It's like having a VCR to record streaming audio! Record internet radio...
Free Easy Audio Editor
A comprehensive app that helps you edit audio files in many different formats.
Free Easy Audio Editor is a comprehensive software tool that allows you to edit audio files...
Provides you with a wide variety of audio effects and filters
Supports many popular audio formats for both the input and the output
Can be used as an audio converter
Poor visual design
QTray MP3 Recorder
Kongsoft, Inc.
QTray MP3 Recorder is an easy to use and powerful audio recorder.
...and powerful audio recorder. It can record MP3, WMA, Ogg begin you recording, no complex settings...
AT Audio Editor
Use Audio Editor to Edit you audio files in most common formats.
...: WAV, MP3, WMA, and OGG. - Record from all available audio sources in your...
Aktiv MP3 Recorder
This tool allows you to save in different formats any sound playing on your PC.
...or split the recording to create separate audio files. In ...supported - WAV, MP3, WMA, Ogg, VOX, AU...
Most recent in Free Tool to Record Audio to WMA
Easy to use
You can record audio from any source
Ugly visual design and colors
MegaMindTools LLC
MR is an advanced program on Windows for sound recording and format conversion.
...universal sound recording program for Window ...most popular audio format MP3, WMA, OGG, VOX...
Latest comments:
Internet Explorer is one of the best browsers in the world, but not all functions work in it.
ESFTP Audio Editor
Audio Editor The is a powerful easy-to-use digital audio editing program.
...: WAV, MP3, WMA, and OGG, record from all available audio sources in your...
MC Audio Recorder
MultiMediaConverters LLC
It is a program designed to make audio recordings and text-to-speech operations.
MC Audio Recorder is a program designed to make audio recordings and well into audio files you can...

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