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The applications on the list allow for text comparing, Some of the tools provide you with salient features to detect how much the texts match (e.g. to remove duplicates or establish plagiarism), while the others offer you the possibility to compare translations of the Holy Bible to detect how various versions of the Holy Scripture differ from each other.

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Rick Meyers
Useful program for reading and studying different versions of the Bible., while others are payment-based. This allows you to compare ...other useful texts for complementing...
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The Word

The Word

C. Stergiou
A very comprehensive program for reading and studying the Bible.
...'s Progress, The Gospels Compared, and others. If thi ...Some of them are free, for example, the...
Very comprehensive
Many built-in modules
The installation file is rather heavy


Vim Developers
Vim is a multiplatform text editor with unicode and plug-in support.
...the ability to compare two text files, spell checking ...find and replace text, place text tags on your...
Plug-in support
Folding feature for lines
Ability to compare multiple files


PrestoSoft LLC.
ExamDiff helps you compare files and displays the differences.
...when it comes to comparing and synchronizing two text files. The application...
Accurate file comparison
You can change highlights differences
Supports drag-and-drop action
The interface is hard to handle
The SWORD Project
CrossWire Software & Bible Society
Bible software for studying and comparing up to three versions of the Scriptures.
...that lets you compare up to three Biblical texts simultaneously. This feature...
It lets you compare up to three different versions of the Bible
Easy to use
You can add more complements
A little difficult to use at first
Bible Analyzer
Timothy S. Morton
Excellent program for reading and studying the Bible.
...(not read) the text via its text-to-speech feature ...of these modules are free, while others are pay...
Many different functions
You can add extra modules
Some extra modules are cost-based
DupeFree Pro
DupeFree Pro is a program for comparing two texts.
DupeFree Pro is a program for comparing two texts. This tool is especially useful...
It is free
It is very easy to use
It calculates the similarity percentage quickly and accurately
A good Bible viewer with some interesting features.
...studying and comparing these different version ...texts, all of them being completely free...
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Useful for Bible learning and comparison purposes
Not many features


Salty Brine Software.
Free file difference viewer for Windows 95/98/ME - Windows 2000/NT/XP.
...Features: - Free of charge! - Search for text within the another - Compares ASCII text files in a...
Greek Old Testament (Septuagint)
BibleStudyPro module featuring the Septuagint Greek version of the Bible.
...sacred texts which ...comparing different versions of the bible, as well as other religious texts...
Latest comments:
george thompson
Where can a guy find the core program that is supposed to download the Bible and to make it work properly...
Hebrew Interlinear Bible
Walter Kenaston
An interlinear Hebrew-English version of the Bible with database capabilities.
...features the original Hebrew text of the Jewish Bible you can compare both texts and even create...
Very comprehensive
Novice and non-professional users may have difficulties in using the program, with all its features
Bogdan Rudyj
Freeware for learning languages through the reading of the Bible.
...exporting them to a text processor. On the ...text in two different languages, allowing you to compare...
Absolutely free
You can read the Bible and learn different languages at the same time
You can compare different translations of the Scriptures
The startup screen which shows the Words of Christ, as well as the linguistic maps, are in Russian only
BibleMax Interfaith Pack
BibleMax add-in featuring Sacred Books of different faiths.
...a free program ...collection of Sacred texts from five different and compare one with another...
Useful, interesting
It only works with BibleMax software
File Comparator
MyMusic Software Company
File Comparator is a very useful file comparing tool. compare any type of files like: text file ...before deleting. It’s free and supports three different...
Simple and easy to use
Altova DiffDog® rel2 Enterprise Edition
Altova DiffDog® 2011 is the developer’s dedicated differencing utility.
...powerful synchronization tool quickly compares, and merges text or source code files...
Free OCR to Word
TechCandy Software
Transform your image-based documents into editable Word files for free.
...and unless the text is extremely clear and free from extraneous characters...
Allows you to edit the resulting text
Image rotation capabilities
Can OCR selected areas
Weak OCR engine

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