Free Process Monitor Downloads

These programs allow you to manage the running processes, but they offer more features and functions than the default Windows' Task Manager and are provided for free. They let you easily terminate a process, view how the system resources are used, etc.

Free Process Monitor download selection is a descendant of our Free Task Manager by David Wardle customized for you:

Alternate Task Manager
Alternate Tools
Utility that provides detailed info of the processes running on your computer.
...Task Manager is a free program that provides the ...are three main tabs: the process list, process details, and system. The...
In-depth info about Windows processes
Lets you terminate multiple processes with one click
Free, no ads
GUI is not very appealing
Bill2's Process Manager
Bill2 Corp.
It is an alternative to the Windows process manager with much more possibilites.
...Windows process manager. Unlike the Windows process manager ...colors of ruled processes, performances, graphics, and...
Provides more options than the Windows process manager
Rather easy to use
Help file is only in French
Process Explorer
Mark Russinovich
Process Explorer shows you all the processes executed in your PC.
...detailed information about the processes, all the information ...that are executing the process. Some differences between...
Easy to use
Great options
The company is now part of Microsoft
Dependent on account rights
SterJo Task Manager
SterJo Software
Manage application processes, TCP/IP connections and Windows services.
...simple program for managing processes, services and connection ...connection or terminate the process that started it...
Easy to use
Good services manager
Good connections manager
Process manager is too simple ( Windows Task Manager is much better)

Some Free Process Monitor downloads, not featured in Free Task Manager

Advanced SystemCare
Keep your PC being error-free and running at top performance.
...quickly end the processes that slow down ...+ Rebuilt Performance Monitor intelligently monitors and optimizes system...
Most popular in Free Process Monitor Most downloaded in Free Process Monitor
Intuitive and elegant interface
FaceID functionality to detect intruders
Optimized system startup
No drawbacks detected in the review


Gathers information on some of the main devices of your system.
CPU-Z is a free program that gather ...processor name and number, codename, process, package, cache levels, mainboard and...
Most recent in Free Process Monitor
Reliable enough to suit developers, technicians, etc
The Ask bar installation box is checked by default

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