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A plant-growing game is a computer video game where the player's main goal is to grow plants. This set includes various free plant-growing games where you will need to use given objects correctly to grow plants and defend them against insects and other dangers.

Free Plant Growing Game download selection by Nordine Bjerke. May 11, 2015

Garden Defense
Media Contact LLC
Garden Defense is a very funny, entertaining and even addictive game.
...entertaining and even addictive game. It's easy to ...insects away from your plants. You will have an...
Most popular in Free Plant Growing Game
It's really funny and entertaining
It's easy to use
It has several levels
It has no disadvantages
Rachel Stanley
Freeware game for Windows featuring an interactive virtual garden.
...1.1 is a freeware game for Windows. It feature ...We can see the plants growing or selec their instant...
Creative freeware game
Suitable for all ages
Extremely easy to play
The Garden with Insight
Kurtz-Fernhout Software
The Garden with Insight garden simulator is an educational simulation.
...microworld setting. You can plant vegetables and grow them to learn more...
Most downloaded in Free Plant Growing Game
My Kitchen Garden
Mountain Plain
My Kitchen Garden is a software tool that assists vegetable gardeners to work.
...features include: Vegetable planning, online plant database and a garden report for...
Sol Harvest

Sol Harvest

Blackfyre Dreams
Sol Harvest - A Farming MMO A very fun and addictive farming game.
...addictive farming game. Even if it's a 2d game , the ...can use a plow , plant seeds in the ground ...
Virtual Farm

Virtual Farm

Alawar Games
Enjoy this great challenge and run a complete farm.
...very addictive game and challenge. Grow your own farm ...this game is to grow vegetables and plants in...
Most recent in Free Plant Growing Game
Good fun
Helen Gardener
iWin Inc.
This game will entertain you working and helping people with their gardens.
...Gardener is a nice fun game where you fin a ...cultivate seeds to grow new plants and maintain your...
Good entertainment

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