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A photo tag means a non-hierarchical keyword referred to a particular image. The applicarions on the list let you tag your pictures to speed up the process of searching for them. Some of these tools also allow tagging people and sharing a photo with them.

Free Image Tagger download selection is a descendant of our Free Photo Tagger by Marisa Therezza customized for you:

Photilla Photo Album Software
NCH Software
Photilla Photo Album Software is a photograph viewer and organizer.
...Since you can burn or convert images with just a few click are really looking for a good image viewer and cataloging software, I have...
It is a very light download
It works for very basic uses
Weird implementation of tagging
SunlitGreen Photo Manager
SunlitGreen Software
A free and easy-to-use photo organizer to describe and manage your pictures.
...Manager is a simple and free image organizer. Suitable for all type ...without constantly duplicating the image file itself. The whole...
Clear interface with good image information
Support for EXIF metadata
Fully customizable collections and labels
Kodak EasyShare
Kodak EasyShare is an image viewer/editor for Windows computers.
...computers. It is the default image viewer that comes bundled with most ...With it, you can upload your images to your Kodak Gallery, if you...
Nice GUI
Pretty fast
Nice editing features
Install method is still a downloading .EXE
My Photo Index
My Photo Index is a great photo indexer or organizer with some great features.
...magnifier very easily and quickly. Scrolling of images is also very smooth and not jerking...
Facility to create categories and sub categories
Easy and attractive interface
Previews size controller
Supports some image formats only


Easily view and edit your photos and share them to Google+.
...can be shared to Google+. Picasa is free photo editing software from Google that makes...
Most popular in Free Image Tagger Most downloaded in Free Image Tagger
Applying a rich palette of effects
Sharing photos to Google+
Tagging people in the picture
The user interface is not too demonstrative
Free Time Co., Ltd
Change the format of audio, video amd image files with this program.
...of different types of audio, video and image files. The program is really easy to...
Most recent in Free Image Tagger
Many file formats supported
The Start button is not as easy to find as in earlier versions
Windows Live Photo Gallery
The program assists you in improving the quality of your photos. part of Windows Essentials, a free download that also includes tools for ...SkyDrive, you'll have enough free storage space to upload and...
Simple interface
Comes with many useful editing tools
Offers you an easy way to organize your photos
Might take a while to install the application
Hyves Desktop
It allows you to chat, share photos, videos, news, and tips with Hyves users.
Hyves Desktop is an extension of the Hyves website that allows you to chat; share photos, videos, news, and tips with all Hyves users...
You can have access to the Hyves web site features directly from your desktop
Yo have to login before downloading
Microsoft Pro Photo Tools
The best tool you will get to edit metada of image files.
...picture and many more. So, an image may be a little bit bigger than ...a place on Earth. Size of image thumbnail can be changed to maintain the...
GPS Navigator with 3D
Automation is not easy


Applied Recognition Inc.
Fotobounce is an easy-to-use desktop application for images cataloging.
...easy-to-use desktop application for image cataloging, sharing, and tagging ...can be used as a free application supported by adds. Purchasing...
Good online integration
Excellent privacy features
Facial recognition
None to mention

Some Free Image Tagger downloads, not featured in Free Photo Tagger



A suite of tools to enhance your Reddit browsing experience.
...view images without leaving the page), Keyboard Navigation, Uppers and Downers, Account Switcher, User Tagger, and...


Mp3Tools is a program for managing and playing audio files.
...file formats. It can store CD cover images, MP3 tags, and other data associated with...
Completely free
Very comprehensive
A little bit heavy


Automatize tagging batches of music files in various formats.
Mp3tag can help you edit the metadata that identifies your audio files. It has an ample support of tag formats, including various versions...
Supports various tag and audio file formats
Edit tags in batches
Downloads tag info automatically from online databases
No built-in audio player
MusicBrainz Tagger
This program allows you to edit your music files' information.
...comments and more. MusicBrainz tagger supports many files, including Mp3 ...files' tags. MusicBrainz Tagger comes with advanced settings...
It supports a lot of formats
It's easy to install and easy to use
It allows you to edit your audio files' information


Tagger is an extension for Winamp to edit multiple tags.
Tagger is an extension for Winamp to edit...
MusicBrainz Picard
An open source cross-platform music tagger written in Python. an open source cross-platform music tagger written in Python. Main features: - Support all...
Easy to use
Simple and intuitive user interface
Pretty accurate
Doesn't include a real Album Art

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