Free Photo Album Cover Designer Downloads

With the help of freeware programs from this set, you will be able to create covers for your photo books, both for your digital and for paper albums. What's more, you will be able to print out your creations.

Free Photo Album Cover Designer download selection by Victoria Nelson. May 20, 2015



The GIMP Team
GIMP 2.6 is a versatile and free graphics manipulation package.
...and free to use ...and other design applications, it enhancement effects in digital photos...
Most popular in Free Photo Album Cover Designer Most downloaded in Free Photo Album Cover Designer Most recent in Free Photo Album Cover Designer
Easy to understand
Free to use
Not so complete as Photoshop


dotPDN LLC and Rick Brewster
Paint.NET is an excellent image editor with many filters and totally free. able to create, design, restore, or retouch ...because it's totally free. Some key features of...
There are many plugins to download from Forum website
It Supports layers
It opens and works faster than other image editors


Antonio Da Cruz
PhotoFiltre is a user-friendly photo retouching freeware. offers all essential photo editing tools and option ...good and handy for a free photo editor.
It's free for private use
Small in size
Operates fast
No auto preview option


Hofmann S.L.
Hofmann is a full-featured program to create photo projects. free ...album, its cover, the image of the cover, and the album title. After the album ...create photo...
Several projects to choose
Numerous Cliparts, frames and covers
Projects are not free
ifolor Designer
Ifolor AG
Ifolor Designer 2.2 is a software for create photobook., open an existing Photo ...Design. In the Covers you can select the covers for your album...
Can add covers and handle the pages designs
Write a CD or DVD with photos
Hasn`t Disadvantages
VCW VicMan's Photo Editor
VicMan Software
A powerful photo editor, which enables you to improve your digital photos.
...and professional designers. VCW VicMan's Photo Editor i ...faces on the photo into funnily distorted...
The Caricature tool
Support for all common picture file formats
Photoshop Plugins support
The Undo operations are limited to five steps
Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader
Creevity Software
Straightforward tool to locate, download, and add covers to your favorite music.
...Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader has been designed to make cover search and cover adding...
Simplicity of use
Customizable search options
Offers you options to replace old or wrong covers
Limited text-based searching capabilities
MyPhotoFun Editor
My Photofun Editor offers bussiness card and photo album designing.
...can use preset albums covers or can arrange ...picture quality of photos,contrast,brightness and...
Very useful software for cards and album designing
No option for saving the pictures


SmileBooks application helps you create bound photo albums.
...bound photo albums. It offers eight photo ...custom photo paper and multiple cover design options...
All Say Cheese Photobook Creator
Minotaur Group Plc
All Say Cheese Photobook Creator will allow you to create customized photobooks.
...Your design can later ...Covered photobooks, or Stitched albums. You can include any number of photos...
It is very easy to use
The available designs look very nice
It is only useful if you intend to order the photobooks with them. You cannot print your designs by yourself
Perfact Color Digital Prints Private Ltd
You can design in minutes using pre-defined layouts, backgrounds. albums are available in multiple sizes, cover can design Albums from cover to cover with...


Xbook Pty Ltd
Full-featured photo editing tool to create and order your own photo albums. photo book design tool will help you set the layout of attractive photo albums...
Comes with dozens of layout templates and tools
Its simple functionality makes the program suitable for all users
Attractive multi-paneled interface
Holding Stock
Holding Stock
It allows you to create photo-books from your favorite images. from your favorite images. You can also design ...can customize your photo-books, enhance...
Latest comments:
I also placed an order through Living social and they never delivered. I have e-mailed them with no reply...
Desktop Album
| Software Design
A small desktop utility for your viewing and hearing pleasure.
...your favorite music albums. Automated search of covers on folder album or over...
FotoMix Free Edition
Digital Photo Software
This tool allows users to create funny compositions using their pictures. edition is a perfect choice for those who like mixing their photos ...of their photos. There are...
Photo2Print Album Maker
Photo2Print South Africa
The Album Maker product is used for creating digital photo albums. albums that will be printed and bounded with hard or soft covers...


Versatile application to design and order your own photo books, calendars, etc. design professional-looking photo book ...designing your own front and back covers ...your album. The...
Allows you to create a wide range of products following a homogeneous design pattern
Comes with a nice selection of image editing tools
Attractive and well-structured interface
Album Art Downloader
Alex Vallat, Marc Landis
It lets you find and download album art for your music collection.
...aspect is the album art. The album art i ...the official album cover but can also be a photo of a...
Lightweight and resource-friendly
Open source
Lacks a proper "help" file
ExtraFilm Designer
A free tool to help you create and order your own photo albums and agendas.
...using your own photo designs covers much more than just albums and agendas – posters...
An all-in-one tool devised to help you design and order your own albums, agendas, prints, posters, etc
The choice of layouts and designs available is massive
The basic editing functionality avialable requires no specific skills

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