Free Password Keeper Downloads

This set contains free applications that help you store, manage and organize passwords and other private data. The passwords, usernames, credit card numbers and other sensitive data will be stored in one single, easy-to-access, yet secure, encrypted location.

Free Password Keeper download selection is a descendant of our Free Password Manager by David Wardle customized for you:

Free Password Manager
Keeps all your passwords and other sensitive information in a safe place.
...information in a safe place. Free Password Manager is a light yet ...folders. To sum up, Free Password Manager is a very...
Most relevant in Free Password Keeper
Comprehensive and powerful tool
Allows you to fully customize the fields of your databases
Allows you to quickly clear the contents of your clipboard with the click of a button
MyPadlock Password Manager
Keep your IDs and passwords safe within this small & free utility.
...and classified? Then MyPadlock Password Manager is a simple, free and powerful program that can...
It's simple and easy-to-use
Create unlimited login accounts
Drag and drop usernames and passwords
KeePass Password Safe
Dominik Reichl
It is a program that protects your accounts and passwords.
...protects your accounts and passwords. The application comes with choose among a master password, a key file, and...
Most popular in Free Password Keeper Most downloaded in Free Password Keeper
Easy to use
Master key function
AES and Twofish encryption algorithms
Password Corral
Cygnus Productions
Password Corral is a password manager that encrypts all your information. to display your password information unencrypted on ...manage all your passwords safely, Password Corral is perfect...
Easy to use. Simple and intuitive user interface. Free
LastPass can help you save your login information online.
...can help generate secure passwords and even suggest replacing ...from using robust passwords precisely because they’re...
It’s easy to use
It allows you to create various identities
It protects you against keyloggers
Its interface is not very attractive

Some Free Password Keeper downloads, not featured in Free Password Manager

Flyingbit Password Keeper
Flyingbit Password Keeper can stores user names and passwords.
Flyingbit Password Keeper can stores user names and passwords. The program includes a virtual keyboard which...
Compatible with most of Windows OS
Easy to use and very user friendly
Provides feature for erasing the clipboard after specific number of seconds
Does not provide support for OS other than Windows such as Linux, Mac
Password Keeper
Password Keeper is a small but vey useful tool for storing your used passwords.
...1000 account entries.. Password Keeper data files are stored ...accessing and viewing them. Password Keeper can help you to...

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